Call of Duty: Ghosts Missions List

Written by igcompany on 26 December 2013.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Missions List

Call of Duty: Ghosts has been probably the most awaited shooter of the year after Battlefield 4. And just like we did for Battlefield 4 and other games, here is the missions list for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

CoD Ghosts has a total of 18 missions (or levels) and managed to rival pretty well with it's competitor this year. BF 4.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Missions List:

1. Ghost Stories

2. Brave New World

3. No Man's Land

4. Struck Down

5. Homecoming

6. Legends Never Die

7. Federation Day

8. Birds of Prey

9. The Hunted

10. Clockwork

11. Atlas Falls

12. Into the Deep

13. End of the Line

14. Sin City

15. All or Nothing

16. Severed Ties

17. LOKI

18. The Ghost Killer 


Which one did you like more? Call of Duty Ghosts or Battlefield 4? Write your answer in the comment section below!

  • Guest - PwNz0rMaS0n

    thanks for the info

  • Guest - guest

    i think that call of duty guost is better then BF4 because the story is more detaild and easer to understand.

  • Guest - Ahmada

    In reply to: Guest - guest

    Agreed, but little Disappointed with Ending, they should make Ghosts 2 and this game will be rock!

    from Indonesia
  • Guest - El Chucho

    I love bacon

  • Guest - JV


  • Guest - Reckless-Drive

    Lol im on End Of The Line...

  • Guest - Hallo

    Ghosts is better than bf4

  • Guest - connor

    Got to sin city in half a day, battlefield campaign is probably better but I like um both

  • Guest - aaaaaaa

    I bought call of duty ghosts 3 days ago and im already on the ghost killer

  • Guest - VED

    cod :GHOSTS is best

  • Guest - SPARTAN7992


  • Guest - pateu de porc

    I haz herpes :)

  • Guest - trolololurmum

    Ghosts is better than advanced warfare

  • Guest - Muhammad Ikram

    Bf4 is better than cod ghost

  • Guest - AwesomeGuest

    Such a lie COD ghost is so much better than b4

  • Guest - Hayden

    Cod ghost has the best campaign I've ever played;)

  • Guest - Kirilore

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  • Guest - Perla Lopez

    OMG Clockwork is probably the easiest and best mission I've played! Totally love COD Ghosts; first game I ever played on an Xbox 360 or as any type of video game. And I totally love Logan and the whole campaign.

    from Newberry, SC 29108, USA
  • Guest - Jorge Andreson

    I am very happy to see these all of the mission list of call of duty game. I have completed these ten missions. Thanks for taking time to share. keep it up!
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  • Guest - Gunther60

    MW2 is the best campaign and multiplayer cod I've ever played, followed closely by ghosts

  • Guest - Fnkins

    Continue evolving want for it is to become up to the minute and perplexing immoral game to make feel like thought and inspiration.

  • Guest - jhonny

    Call of duty is a wonderful movie,i have watched it.I highly recommend you to watch it.Keep sharing articles.
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  • Guest - cvbn

    from Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Guest - Souvik the gamer

    I liked cod ghosts..much i really like the story and gae effects..
    Really COD ghosts rockkkssss......

  • Guest - I dont care about a name

    Cod G is slot better then BF4 because of the story and the multi-player mode too. Also COD is a better franchise then BF ;)

  • Guest - Manvith

    Call of duty ghosts rock!!!
    I'm on "Severed Ties"

    from India
  • Guest - Bf4 & cod g is awesome

    Both are great...both had great gameplay experience :)

  • Guest - Aqua Frayz

    Cod Ghosts has fun online, and has a great story.

  • Guest - shoaib

    i loved cod ghosts.:)

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