Mafia III enters production and a possible release date

Written by igcompany on 01 April 2012.

I am sure the next news will get Mafia fans pumped up expecially after the ending Mafia 2 had. 2K studios announced that there will be a Mafia 3 game for sure then they announced that Mafia 3 entered pre-production and now the game is in development. We can only expect a great game.

The story of Mafia 3 is believed to continue the one from Mafia II and it will be set somewhere in the 50's or 60's.

Mafia II

We may not get a trailer or some screenshots at E3 this year but we may get some at E3 2013 since Mafia III is believed to have a release date set somewhere in summer 2013. Just like the second game has been released in the summer of 2010 2K will let at least three years between the games so that they can maximise their profits. Since their efforts are now concentrated on developing the third game we may also not see another DLC for Mafia 2.

So that being said we have a long time to wait but isn't it going to be a great battle between GTA V and Mafia III?

Which one would you choose?

Oh yeah and there is no April Fool's joke.

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  • Guest - player

    i luve mafia 2 the game . but i cant wait till mafia 3 is coming out . hell yeah i choise mafia 3 befor GTA V . is borring GTA V is same shiit evry time .

  • Mafia has a better storyline instead of GTA where you get missions to shoot and steal cars. You get more attached of Mafia because of the story.



  • Guest - proking

    yeah mafia 2 was very nice and i hope that joe is alive and will return in mafia 3 and i think vito would join in the vinci family

  • Guest - nathan

    they need to make Mafia 3 more better and put free roam in there and side missions like driving your boss around town hit man mission or racketing or laundering money and being able to buy house and being able to become a capo so that you have your own crew and send them on task also make the ****ing story more longer the story was to ****ing short make it longs as la noire or gta and I hope there a trailer real soon and I hope Joe is dead and if not he probably will end up dead because Joe think that vito set him up and try to kill him but doesn't sussed .

  • Guest - Brochacho

    In reply to: Guest - nathan

    More better? Dude your points on improving mafia are just invalid. There's a story long for a reason. Sure some more freedom to edit your character and some side missions would be cool, but when presenting a case, please do it well so someone may take it seriously.

  • If they would make Mafia 3 free roam then it will become too boring just like GTA after a while ... I like the ideea of becoming a capo though ...

  • Guest - Brandon

    Mafia 3 should be sick i hope joe isnt dead he was my favourite and it shud start straight frrom the start of no. 2 an cant wait for no. 3 and I AGREE WITH NATHAN!!!!

  • Guest - blabla

    In reply to: Guest - Brandon

    Joe is dead... Mafia 3 will be from 1971

  • Guest - andrew

    i hope Mafia 3 will have multiplayer.:)

  • @andrew Interesting wish mate. But they must do an epic multiplayer, otherwise they will ruin the game.

  • Guest - mori

    without daniel vavra mafia story will suck

  • Guest - Jaime

    You guys all missed it anyway, Mafia II had an embarrassingly poor story compared to Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.

  • Guest - agheem

    :P :P :P

  • Guest - megaprime1007

    Mafia 3 only because I haven't played the other GTAs, but many are saying the GTA games are boring (even though I thought they were very popular).
    Anyway, I'm very happy they are continuing Vito's story. I do think they need to improve on things like story (quantity more than quality, but make sure the game has a great story and doesn't drag on if it is long, which it should be long), free roaming, and graphics (the graphics are good but they should still improve on them instead of taking a step back or staying the same like what the COD developers do). For free roaming, they should allow you to interact with other people around the city other than just raising a fist to them (that's fun though). I also think they should give Vito a romantic interest. It would add more drama and action when it comes to when Vito has to keep her out of the chaos and action. Oh yeah, and they should have other races of people mixed, living together not in separate parts of the city (seemed a little racist to me).
    Well yeah my two cents.

  • Guest - megaprime1007

    @Nathan I also agree with your free roam ideas and making the game as long as LA Noire's.

  • Guest - megaprime1007

    @BIG D1CK WALLACE No dude I think they probably started a long time ago, but are just now announcing it so we won't have to wait so long for a trailer.

  • Guest - Joe

    Mafia 2 is way better than GTA. The story of Gta is really boring... Its also really good that they are making the story of Vito, again ;)

  • Guest - bob

    that would be cool if u were don of a mafia in 3

  • Guest - bob

    for example u would need to purchase an HQ and cars hire people etc...

  • @bob There was something similar in The Godfather (the game).

  • Guest - nelmanners


  • Guest - ThaMonsta23

    Whenever I played Mafia 2, the thing that interested me the most was the time which it took place in. The 1940' and 50's was so interesting. It shows what it was like back then and how African Americans and Caucasians didn't get along to well. The game was and still is a master peice. And Gta is not a bad game. They just could improve on there story and multiplayer interactions. But Mafia 2 is a great game and should continue with there successful Mafia games.

  • @THaMonsta23 You are right. Actually we have an article that is analysing the success of 'old story' games. You can read it here: :)

  • Guest - mix

    Yeyeyeye,cant wait !!!

  • Guest - Truth

    We have some major crackheads on this site. Which makes more money? Gta. ._.

  • Guest - Truth

    Gta is obviously better. Mafia games are awesome I'll give you that but it isn't on Gta level. I bet most of you hipocrates that say Gta sucks will be the first in line to get Gta v when it hits shelves. The truth has spoken. ._.

  • @Truth We are not trying to see which one makes more money. But Mafia is the kind of game that impresses you with it's story and makes you think about it even a few years after you finished the game.
    GTA is a good game as well but it is the kind of game where you just shoot everything that comes in front of you.
    Mafia is that calculated type of game.

  • Guest - Truth

    @igcompany True. But the variety and scale of things to do in the Gta games outweighs the Mafia games by alot.

  • Guest - Truth

    The reason I see Gta as better is because besides the deep story there isn't much else the mafia games have except for playboy magazines like in mafia 2. Gta has decent stories and has a variety of activities like bowling, shooting darts, shopping, and dating. Mafia games are very serious and don't have the humor like Gta games. I will definitely be one of the people picking up mafia 3 when it comes out but no game gets me and most other people excited like Gta games. When the first trailer was revealed for Gta V it was trending all over twitter. The Internet was set ablaze. That's power. There is a reason we haven't really heard about Gta V from rockstar in a while. They realize how much power this game has. Mafia doesn't even come close. There is a reason why Gta has that power and mafia doesn't. Gta is just simply more fun overall. The mafia games are extremely fun too but that just goes to show you how much fun Gta games are. The Truth has spoken... again. •-•

  • Guest - Jack

    just remember joe shouldnt f**king die

  • Guest - Caleb

    Vito has to return. And together him and Joe need to start their own family after Vito pops Galante.

  • Guest - maniacsy88

    In reply to: Guest - Caleb

    Love how you all expect joe to be alive if he is al be stressed if he dies that THE REAL MAFIA if he lives its a happy ending there is no happy endings in the mafiia name 1 film or 1 gangsta that had a happy ending even Henry Hill was always looking over his shoulder Mafia 3 needs to be cold and brutal real Mafia

    from Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK
  • Guest - anon

    obviously mafia

  • Guest - jjc

    mafia 2 is hands down one of my favorite games!! i can't wait for the 3rd one. i hope joe's still alive!! it would be nice if it was longer and you could buy houses. you should also be able to pick up chicks, take cabs, and maybe a little free roam nothing to crazy though. don't want to take away from it to much!! i'm sure whatever they do will be sick!!!

  • Guest - gta

    gta v the name is enough .
    bitch plz

  • Guest - Jb

    Longer story bigger clothing variety

  • Guest - Darkjester101 and airbornjarhead

    ok lets put it this way gta franchise has 5 games out 1 in the works mafia has 2 games out 1 in the works. Ive played all the games from both franchizes except gta 5 and mafia 3 for lets put both games agains each other. Graphics: gta 4 had good graphics for its year of release as did mafia. Police chases: in gta 4 the chases were fun they never stoped untill u died or escaped. There were diffrent levels of cops such as patroles and swat then army but in mafia you were chased by 1 or 2 cars up to 2 cops in a car.although the persutes were poor they had the wanted status for yourself and your car. but with this opens more difficulty because it was a verry good and realistic idea tney did poor in tje personal player escapes when dealing with players WANTED status .the make a call option was good but the ease of just changing clothes was sad they s hould have had the choices of witness persutes or bribery of like radeo stations or news and other tasks like taking down your own wanted posters.when you look at the priority levels (stars 1~5) both games are similar. Realism: in gta the realism was good you had a variety of things to do such as dating playing games and doing side missionss in mafia you had non of those things so the game was less atracting (story aside) but in both games you could only steal cars never actualy buy witch was kinda stupid. Freedom: in gta you had a large map that you could travel to the verrios location. In mafia you didnt exacly have free rome but that didnt mean there was no freedom at all you were never forced to go to missions imeadiatly. Collectibles and achevements : ok so gta's collectibles were horrible for example the pigions was a verry long and agitating proces. Also the achivments were verry compliceted but mafia was verry good in this catigory were collectibles were fing the nudies and wasnted posters the achevements were clear on what was to be done. Story: gta's story was longer tjen disiared and had verry few charecter interests and the story often got confusing to were i needed a break from the game. but that aside the fire fights and varios chases was fun in mafia you imeadiatly gain a conection yo some charecters and the more ties with more characters.also yhe story was to short but still drew you into it as if you were actualy there watching the drama andsuspence TOTAL SCORES: gta had good graphics fun cop races ,good cars and wepons and good freedom but eather lacked or overdid it in story alot.collectibles and charecter attachment giving gta a score of 5 1/2 mafia was good in story charecture attachment guns cars graphics collectibles and achevements but had difficultys in freedomn realizomn cop chaces giving mafia a 6 1/2 (now i believe mafia 3 will be orgazmic and joe aint dead no way in hell)

  • Guest - Joshua

    Mafia is f**king realistic I can't wait for mafia three to be relaesed 8)8)

  • Guest - vito

    mafia is the best game

  • Guest - Anonymous

    I loved GodFather. That game was great and pretty long. It kept you busy.

  • Guest - Matt13

    They should totally bring Joe back I think!! It wouldnt be necessary if they did but I think it would be better if he was back, and I'd like to see him again bc he was such a character and he added alot of color to the game!!! As far as action goes....I think you should be able to have meele weaponds like bats or whatever on people or stores and you could in the first mafia! I also would like to see where you can start fires in buildings or whatever and be able to shoot up places more if you want. And have side missions to do if you want and go on hits!!

  • Guest - jackson

    so excited

  • Guest - John

    WOh man I loved godfather! I wanna try godfather 2 but I'm kinda sketchy on it. But what I'm kinda tired of is in Mafia the guys you play dont really wanna be in the mafia. Like Tommy was halfass forced in so you kind knew he was gunna punk out. It really pissed me off the the game started with him snitching. Mafiia 2 was better cuz Vito pretty much wanted in but he basically did what Tommy did. They should make one with some of the elements of the Godfather like this guy as an outsider that starts working for the family, or you can choose what family to work for and then work your way in then up and not punk out but actually be a true, badass Mafioso. I could go on forever about my dream mafia game but I think that kinda sets the idea of what I think it should be. Oh yeah I think the time settings are really cool though. If mafia 3 is in the 60s and 70s I think it has potential to be bad freaking ass

  • Guest - sahib

    this will be huge game ever:D

  • Guest - Raka

    but Joe Barbaroo is dead :(

  • Guest - AGirlThatLovesMafia

    I honestly can't wait. I can't wait any longer for the release. I know it is hard work to make Mafia III happen. But why next summer. That's like in forever. Argh.:'(

  • Guest - mafiabeast@101

    dude cant wait for mafia 3 its going to be the bom but the should give you more clothing options:D;)

  • Guest - energycon!@?12345678910

    mafia 2 was awsome better then gta but mafia 3 shoud have a good long story better cloyhing options and should be able to take taxis and limos and joe should live and last thing more cutscenes and it should be a three disc game:);):D

  • Guest - rob

    mafia 3 should start in the car at the end of number 2 when joe went somewhere else, vito has to kill everyone in the car and find joe then start the game propper like 10 years later or something

  • Guest - rob

    ive never played the 1st mafia but its downloading now for ps2 cant wait

  • Guest - rob

    but ive got 2 say mafia 2 p1sses on any gta ive ever played an ive had them all they get borin but the one were your miko is ok good online

  • I cant tell if this is fake or not.... i really want to believe it. GTA5 has a trailer already but mafia hasnt? :'(

  • Guest - Xdeathgenx

    look at the upload date its a april fool joke

  • Look at the last line. It is NOT!

  • Guest - mayank

    mafia 1and 2 are both awesome it the best game ihave played i have played many games like god of war 3 gta4 many more games like this but mafia is the best you should release the mafia3 iam waiting for it:):):)

  • Guest - Farzad

    Mafia games are best games I have ever played... GTA games are fun when they released but after few hours they get boooooring... also vito and joe story is amazing I realy want mafia 3 continues the story of mafia 2 and keep joe alive :) and other thing is 15 chapters kinda too short :S and those first snowy chapters were awesome :D:D

  • Guest - lohith

    mafia is one of the the great game i played and grand theft auto is of the worst game i played

  • Guest - Shyan

    Its true mafia is really good game i play grand theft auto and i love that game but when i play mafia is so awesome game so interesting game and now grand theft auto is boring for me now i cant wait for mafia 3

  • Guest - penpen de sarapen

    mafia 2 ofcourse, mafia 2 has the greatest storyline and each characters have their own personalities,you can feel them and love them! we all love vito and joe!:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • Guest - Oracle

    When this game comes out I think I might sh*t myself :D:D

  • Guest - Agent 47

    I am a big fan of Mafia II. Hope the next one is great.

  • Guest - burhan hirani

    damm i am eagerly waiting for mafia 3 release,mafia 2 was awesome

  • Guest - maniacsy88

    Love how you all expect joe to be alive if he is al be stressed if he dies that THE REAL MAFIA if he lives its a happy ending there is no happy endings in the mafiia name 1 film or 1 gangsta that had a happy ending even Henry Hill was always looking over his shoulder Mafia 3 needs to be cold and brutal real Mafia

  • Guest - maniacsy88

    he even says at the end thats how it goes kid not everything is Hollywood bliss some times life is what it is and sorry guys i was happy to hear about Mafia 3 and will buy it but GTA V when i heard fell off me chair GTA rules 4 was a let down but nothing to this day is as good as san andreas

  • Guest - Ruslan

    OMG im so ****ing exited:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • Guest - ginzo

    i hope that they change it up a little instead of just being a street soillger you should be a capo and have your own crew or be able to hire help for your missions just like in assassins creed games

  • Guest - noor

    there will never be a game as mafia 2 and i hope the continue the same story in mafia 3

  • Guest - noor

    the weather the car the love of a mother and the pain of a real life gangster only vito shows in mafia 3 i know there will be more technology we will see better better games but for me there will be no game like mafia2 i will never forget the fictional character of JOE and VITO for me mafia it hurts when it finishes

  • Guest - kaushik


    .wht hppnd to joe at the end..
    where wzz he taken??

  • Guest - Mafia 3

    Actually, MIII is not supposed to follow MII. The 2k Czech website held a vote. 74% said 1915-1935. Only 10% said they wanted it to follow MII. The rest was divided to the other choices.

  • Guest - AirCruise_ProGamer

    I love mafia 2 because its really nice GamePlay Graphics and seems very favorite scenes and those that Snowy Winter Between Chapter Chapter 2-6 .. especially those i have heard the new part Mafia 3 ... that excite me because many turn before there .. and hopefully there are still two favorite heroes they vito and joe to continue their mission ^^ ...

  • Guest - hemitboy

    oh my god oh my god sorry lol

  • Guest - Mar

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