Sleeping Dogs Missions List

Written by igcompany on 25 August 2012.

A quick article to let you know the list of missions for Sleeping Dogs. We just finished the complete walkthrough for the game and you can see it .

We decided to do a Missions List for Sleeping Dogs because we saw that the internet is full of topics asking for this list but it can't be found nowhere.

Sleeping Dogs

In this list there are also a few cases.

Sleeping Dogs Missions List:

1. First Mission

2. Vendor Extortion

3. Night Market Chase

4. Identified Supplier

5. Amanda

6. Stick up and Delivery

7. Mini Bus Racket

8. Club Bam Bam

9. Popstar

10. Racing Scene

11. Listening In

12. Chain of Evidence

13. Payback

14. Gathered Surveillance

15. Uncle Po

16. Bride To Be

17. The Wedding

18. Hotshot

19. Meet The New Boss

20. Mrs. Chu's Revenge

21. Loose Ends

22. Final Kill

23. Initiation

24. Dockyard Heist

25. Serial Killer

26. Intensive Care

27. Important Visitor

28. Fast Girls

29. Bad Luck

30. Conflicted Loyalties

31. The Funeral

32. Civil Discord

33. Buried Alive

34. The Election

35. Big Smile Lee

Sleeping Dogs has been one great game. A review to follow ...

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  • Guest - ali

    this game is very very very good

  • Guest - F*cker a*s

    Bad Game toy like graphics

  • Guest - ANNIHC

    In reply to: Guest - F*cker a*s


    from Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Guest - sam_scott

    In reply to: Guest - ANNIHC

    haha I think the same.. xD

    from Chicago, IL, USA
  • Guest - ANNIHC


  • Guest - Manuj

    Best Game ever

  • Guest - ahamd

    superhit gAME

  • Guest - styleslayer

    :D:D:D:);)the best game ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest - vijay (big fan of s .d)

    i only purchase my computer with very graphics to play this awesome game in full h.d

  • Guest - paza

    i finished the game in one day..:(

  • Guest - Hoodie Man

    only have 8 missions left. im going to have to get the dlc soon

  • Guest - huzBin

    In reply to: Guest - Hoodie Man


  • Guest - Rabs

    :o;):o;):):o;):):)THE BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED.


  • Guest - lemon

    In reply to: Guest - Rabs

    yes u r right

  • Guest - ffx998

    In reply to: Guest - lemon


  • Guest - smigitaz


  • Guest - Wie

    i am on last mission

  • Guest - Winston

    the best game i ever played.:)Its awesome;).Its batter than GTA.

  • Guest - ali


  • Guest - Sleeping Dog

    I'll give it that it's a fun & interesting game, but the controls are a mess & the camera messes me up!

  • Guest - max payne

    Better than gta or saints row the third,controls are messed up,but we can use a cript with autohokey.
    The car camera is still annoying,but the game is great.

  • Guest - ANONYMOUS

    Great Game.... On Final Kill :D :D

  • Guest - M.Shaheryar

    Sleeping Dogs is a beautiful game but not Better then GTA only better then Saint Row & Just cause

  • Guest - garish

    best game ever i have played....much better than GTA.....

  • Guest - Shuval4

    Really enjoying definitive edition on ps4 it is a great game

  • Guest - aaaa

    how I can get last mision ?! :D

  • Guest - Gokul

    Awesome hacking cocepts

  • Guest - huzBin

    this game is awesome...................but what is DLC

  • The DLC is a 'downloadable content' and it adds a few more things to the game. Sleeping Dogs already has a few DLC's released.

  • Guest - huzBin


  • Guest - sss

    this game is soo good but in mission club bam bam it crashes :D and comes to destop screen so I need save game after club bam bam please help:D:D:D i do every thing but that mission crashes . Do any body know about it ?????

  • I did not have this issue but you may be able to fix this by applying the latest drivers and the latest patch to the game.

  • Guest - coolrax

    In reply to: Guest - sss

    download a savegame (completed till that mission)

    from India
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