The FIFA History

Written by igcompany on 12 June 2010.

The article has been updated with all FIFA versions (1993-2013).

I got to admit that I liked this game like forever. FIFA 2002 was one of the first games I've played on my computer. I was so addicted that I didn't go out with my friends just because I wanted to play FIFA. Now the story has changed, I've got other things to do and FIFA isn't what it used to be anymore. FIFA 10 didn't got into my soul because I started to like PES more and more. It got graphics, gameplay the only thing that doesn't have is licensed clubs. But is fine ... is a great game just the way it is.

I still play FIFA 2005. It remains my favourite. Even if I don't like FIFA games like I used to, I still admire them for the originality and for the spirit of competition. FIFA 10 ... I have it just because of the online mode (spirit of competition as I said) where I have an equal highscore (something like 40 wins, 6 draws, and 40 losses).

Let's discover together the FIFA games as they were launched and the way they changed.

Somewhere later maybe I will make a short review for each FIFA game since '93. Sign up to be the first who will find out about'em.

1.FIFA International Soccer (1993)

FIFA International Soccer (1993)

FIFA International Soccer (1993)

2.FIFA 94

FIFA 94 Cover


3.FIFA 95

FIFA 95 Cover


4.FIFA 96

FIFA 96 Cover


5.FIFA 97

FIFA 97 Cover


6.FIFA 98

FIFA 98 Cover


Click the Read More ... button to find out more about the FIFA games.


7.FIFA 99

FIFA 99 Cover


8.FIFA 2000

FIFA 2000 Cover

FIFA 2000

9.FIFA 2001

FIFA 2001 Cover

FIFA 2001

10.FIFA 2002

FIFA 2002 Cover

FIFA 2002

11.FIFA 2003

FIFA 2003 Cover

FIFA 2003

12.FIFA 2004

FIFA 2004 Cover

FIFA 2004

13.FIFA 2005

FIFA 2005 Cover

FIFA 2005

14.FIFA 2006

FIFA 06 Cover


15.FIFA 2007

FIFA 07 Cover


16.FIFA 2008

FIFA 08 Cover


17.FIFA 2009

FIFA 09 Cover


18.FIFA 10

FIFA 10 Cover


19.FIFA 11

FIFA 11 Cover


20.FIFA 12

FIFA 12 Cover


21.FIFA 13

FIFA 13 Cover



  • Guest - edidiong etim

    i love you guys make sure it keeps improving

  • It's amazing how the FIFA series evolved over time ... Player Impact Engine now(even if it's buggy but they have time to improve it!).

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