New Super Mario Bros.(Wii) Preview

Written by Sylvia on Sunday, 25 October 2009 18:42.>

It sold millions on the DS, now it is the Nintendo Wii's turn. As of November 11th 2009, Nintendo will officially release the game for it's Wii. In 2006, NSMB rocked the DS lite and sold millions world wide. But that alone did not assure its prestige condition. 20 years ago The first Super Mario Brothers game was released by Nintendo, for Nintendo, and exclusively on Nintendo. It did so well that Mario and Luigi took the Gamers world by storm and rode Nintendo to success world wide.


In the Summer of 2009 at the E3 convention Designers took the crowd to a first look at the game itself and gave them a live on take of it. Its D - Pad like controls are used and was a good idea when the system was first released. New features are a big plus. Now up to 4 players can play on 1 level, new areas and maps are included, and the gameplay has been modified to fit the Nintendo Wii's style.

All together this is a MUST GET NO JOKE. If you own a wii, had a wii, broke a Wii, gonna buy a wii., you have to get it. If you are a Mario and Luigi fan, no one is stopping you cough up $50 and its yours.

First Look: Epic Mickey

Written by Saky G on Wednesday, 07 October 2009 03:29.

After countless rumors, the fabled Epic Mickey has finally been confirmed.

Hit the jump to find out more about Mickey's mysterious new adventure.


Tatsunoko vs Capcom Ultimate All Stars

Written by KEIN on Monday, 28 September 2009 18:23.

Having played the original Jap version, I can honestly say this game is worth the money. Capcom managed to localize this game, and even better, make additions to an already great game!

The original game didn`t have online support, this one does. The character Hakushion, the happy genie from Tatsunoko`s cast, did not manage to make in this installment, in his place are 5 new characters. About two weeks since the newcomers have been showing up, the first one is the Tatsunoko character known as Tekkaman Blade.

Now this last week at the wonderful world that is TGS, we were shown the new CAPCOM character making it in the roster:

[Wii] Monster Hunter Tri

Written by KEIN on Saturday, 19 September 2009 00:19.

Capcom has done it again! Originally a PS3 game, the next Monster Hunter game deliveres. While not having all of the previous creatures from the PSP game Monster Hunter 2nd G, it has a whole new library of creatures to hunt.

However, not much has changed from the other Monster Hunter games in terms of gameplay, other than the brand new water levels (which control largely the same) the combat is still very much the same, which is a plus to longtime fans of the series. To users of the Dual Swords, you`ll be largely disappointed, they have been dropped from the game, in their stead is a new weapon category, the Slash Axe. The Slash Axe is very easy to use (and a bit cheap mind you). Long time users might stick with their favorite weapons as I still use Greatswords. Now onto the game itself...

The character creation is basically the same as the one in previous titles. Although I don`t think it`s a big new feature, face tattoos or facial stuff can be applied to your character. Once you start, you are treated to a nice opening cinematic introducing you to the village and it`s inhabitants. Once it`s over you are given some money to buy equipment and start Training Missions. It`s different from previous MH games in two things, you can get out of the village whenever you want (if not in a quest or a quest specific to that zone) and explore the main zone. The training missions are obligatory in this game and they are accesed by leaving the village, in them you do specific things like carve, cook up a steak, or hunt a weak monster to start off.
The game keeps some monsters from the previous games such as the Diablos, the Apothomos and the legendary green and red duo, the Rathian & Rathalos, while introducing new menacing creatures such as the mighty Lagiacrus and Naval Deus.

Like previous games, Quests are the large part of the game, and they are still Rank based. On a negative note, the Single Player in the game is seriously lacking, the 1st & 2nd Star Quest do not involve slaying an A Class monster in any of the missions presented in those ranks. And there being only up to Rank 7 (if not mistaken), in which is HUGELY disappointing leading up to the Single Player experience being shorter than usual. On a side note, both "Capture" and "Egg Stealer" quests are back in this installment.

And yes, the game has online play. Sadly, I could not test it out properly, but from what I`ve gathered, at least 75% of the whole game experience is found through online and teamwork, what I`ve played was enough to make me want to go back and actually purchase points to keep playing, it`s good fun and very stable.

The graphics in the game are phenomenal for a Wii game. Amazing lighting and creature desings keep it apart from previous titles.

The game is slated to a tentative Q1 2010 for US.

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