Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem Cheats(PSP)

Written by igcompany.

Unlock Predator Weapons

When the indicated levels have been cleared these Predator weapons will become available options in the game.

Unlock Hand Cannon:
Exterior Hospital

Unlock Shoulder Cannon (Single and Dual):
From the start (Single) and after upgrading (Dual)

Unlock Spear:
The Crash Site (Route 1 - Underground)

Unlock Throwing Disc:
Forest (Route 2 - Industrial)

Unlock Shuriken:
Cemetery (Route 3 - Suburban)

Alien Syndrome Cheats(PSP)

Written by igcompany.

Unlock Difficulty Modes

Unlock Hard Mode:
Complete the game on the 'Normal' difficulty setting to unlock the Hard difficulty setting.

Unlock Expert Mode:
Complete the game on the 'Hard' difficulty setting to unlock the Expert difficulty setting.

50 Cent: Bulletproof Cheats(PSP)

Written by igcompany.


Enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding

Unlock Stronger Weapons:
Enter the code 'the hub is broken'.

Unlock 'So Seductive Song':
Enter the code 'killa1'.

Unlock Action 26:
Enter the code 'orangejuice'.

Unlock ALL Weapons:
Enter the code 'gotthemrachets'.

Unlock Bloodhound Counterkill:
Enter the code 'gunrunner'.

Unlock Empty n' Clips Counter Kill:
Enter the code 'workout'.

Unlock ALL Music Tracks:
Enter the code 'graballthat50'.

Unlock Tony Yayo 'So Seductive' Video:
Enter the code 'yayoshome'.

Unlock My Buddy Video:
Enter the code 'sayhellotomylittlefriend'.

Unlock Invincibility:
Enter the code 'ny'sfinestyo' (include the apostrophe).

Unlock Always Perfect Shot:
Enter the code '#1stunna' (All your shots will be in slow motion straight to the head).

Steal Armour:
When you take out an enemy out and are low or have no armour steal from them by pressing Square by the body.

Don't spend money in early missions and it will pay off for you in later missions when all the better weapons are available. Money is also needed to get better special moves and the Meds from Doc when needed. Buy ALL 10 painkiller bottles.

2006 FIFA World Cup Cheats(PSP)

Written by igcompany.

Unlock Master Code

At the Main menu hold L + R and press Circle, X, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, X, X, Triangle, X, X, X. If the code has been entered correctly you will hear the sound of someone kicking a football as confirmation.

Invizimal Cheats(PSP)

Written by igcompany.

how to fluke a elemental

all you do is hit the first marker than pause it and then hit the second and continue untill youve done the elemental .ps you cam only do this against a cp player

If you have to catch an invizimal to continue your journey but have to wait for a certain amount of time than go to the home menu and change the time to however long you had to wait. This way a bratbat can be caught in the middle of the day. Enjoy capturing more invizimals.

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