Twisted Metal: Head-On Cheats(PSP)

Written by igcompany.



These must be entered during gameplay.

Infinite Ammo Triangle twice, Down twice, L+R
invunerable Right,Left, Down, Up and finally press L & R together
Killer Weapons Press X twice and Up twice and than L & R together
Shoot out a devastating radial blast, no ammo required. Left, Left, Up, Down, Left, Right
Spawns A Mine Underneath Your Car Right, Left, Up, Down
Temporary Invisibility Left, Left, Down, Down
Temporary Shield Right, Right, Down, Down
Flak Attack Up, down, left, right
Freeze Attack Up, down, up
Napalm Attack Right, left, up, up
Rear Attack Left, right, down, + fire button
"Mega Guns" While holding L and R press X, triangle, X, triangle
Health Recharged Hold L + R and press triangle, X, square, circle
"Infinite Weapons" Hold L and R and press triangle, triangle, down, down
Weapon Power-up Hold L and R and press Triangle, Triangle, Up, Up

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