PSPGo Struggling - About 1,000 Units Sold

Written by Saky G on Tuesday, 20 October 2009 17:53.

The Critics Were Right, Sony Has Dropped The Ball With It's Latest Handheld

According to Australian retailers, the PSPGo has sold under 1,000 units since it's release a couple of weeks ago. How did Sony respond?

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PSP Go: A no no on MY list

Written by Sylvia on Saturday, 10 October 2009 03:28.

Warning: If you are a VERY bias gamer, I welcome you to this article. Sony fans are welcomed also. The PSP Go........hmmmm....great idea but there is one MAJOR problem:

NO UMD DISKS!!! Come on an all digital system? I can't live with that. There were some AWESOME PSP 3000 games that were released and 50 more on the way. i'm talking games like the old GTA's Resistance Retribution, Star Wars Battlefront. STUFF Like THAT. Besides, ever since I payed a trip to the playstation store? HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE PRICES??!?!?!? AMAZING! 40 dollars for a 4 year old Avatar game. I am not lying buddy. On top of that the console is 250 dollars, I can buy 2 Nintendo Ds's and two basic flat panel 19 inch televisions, 2 iPhone 3g's, an Xbox Elte, a Wii with 6 new games, a 250 gig external harddrive, and plenty more. Also, on the PSP 3000 there was a designated input on the bottom of the system to plug in a cable that connects to the television. The PSP Go does not include that. Next to mention is that the USB input is not the same input you would use for your old PSP.The PSP go has a TOTALLY  different input so you have to track down and cough up an extra $20. (sad face)

Now I have made a list of the good things about the system



  • built in bluetooth
  • a playstation 3 interface
  • an SD card slot
  • 16 gigs built in
  • small, light and portable
  • nice graphics
  • heard the web browser was sweet
  • gta chinatown wars is next and so is resistance, motor storm, and LBP
  • I ALSO heard that new games will be released on the playstation sore before they hit UMD's
  • co-op with the PSP 3000 is simple
  • 2.0 headphones

you are able to play game demos


All of that for 250 bucks sorry Sony but I will just buy a new PSP 3000. I'm not prepared for all digital gaming and 250? what a rip.


Before you totally disagree with me these are FACTS. Later.

PSPGo Review: IGN`s Take

Written by KEIN on Monday, 28 September 2009 19:30.

IGN took their hand at reviewing Sony`s new pride and glory, the PSPGo.

As we all expected, it`s not going to take off right away, if not at all. From the smaller screen to teh "uncomfortable" button layout and almost no grip-ability on it, proves Sony was in it for the money and maybe not much more.

The newer gloss finish is extremely prone to dirtyness and collects dust particles faster than a vacuum cleaner can, on top of it, the PSPUMD solution is COMPLETELY scrapped in US (EUR unknown), in other words, if you have a PSP1000 - 3000, you should stick with it as the $50 jump is not worth it for what is basically the same, if not inferior PSP. If you are a newcomer to the PSP in general, and are prone to Digital Downloads like Microsoft excellent Xbox Live service or Sony`s PSN, then you should feel right at home with it, everybody else, get the 3000 model.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep -Videos-

Written by KEIN on Sunday, 20 September 2009 02:06.

Terra gameplay

Ven Gameplay

*These videos do not belong to me nor did I upload them. Original videos are from user: 00Roxas00 on YouTube:

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