Undead Knights Review

Written by KEIN on 05 October 2009.

Tecmo brings us a brand new title, Undead Knights to Sony`s Portable console. The result in itself, is a mixed bag.

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-STORY- [7.5/10]

The game`s story is a classical revenge tale with a twist. The House of Blood is murdered by the King`s orders after hearing that his bride is too controlling of his lands. He ambushes them in the cold of night, extinguishing all members of said family. Now, the 3 main members of the family, Remus, Silvia and Romulus become undead and are able to convert the living to undead via a gift given by a mysterious voice.


The game itlsef looks nicely detailed at times, especially the main models. However, the rest of the game...not so good. Most of the zombie models, if not all are all blue and do not vary in designs except a select few. Same goes for the enemies, soldiers in yellow with classic medieval armors, and some (few) variations like blue soldiers and the boss models. As for the rest of the stages, I see pretty good detail, it looks medieval and evil, that`s a plus in my opinion. Overall, sharp main models and nice stages, bared down by heavily bland enemy models.

-SOUND- [5/10]

Generic, to sum it up. Nice rock/metal tunes turn quickly boring and tiring to hear when it`s repeated in almost every single stage. Barely any Voice Acting to speak of, one of the only times you hear the main characters talk is when giving orders or at the beginning. What I like the most in this game is the zombie`s moans and groans, they do their job as it is, however, the rest of the game, swords don`t sound like swords and the characters look like when they died, they lost their tongues as well.

-GAMEPLAY- [7/10]

What you do is like the game Overlord, you control zombies and order them however you like. Combat is like any other hack and slash game, generic and repetitive, the problem with this game is, however big Romulus`s sword is for example, you barely do any damage at all, which is weird since you can very easily turn them into zombies. Press the Square and Traingle buttons to use attacks, Basic and Strong, but they won`t do you much good in the end. Press X to do a jump, although, I`m not sure if they went for a jump, or as more of a combo opener, press X two times to dodge, and it doesn`t work well. Press Circle to grab enemies and turn them into zombies or grab zombies and throw them. Problem with that is, even as simple as it is, you end up grabbing your troops and end up killing them, which isn`t good.

The puzzle aspect of the game is amusing, but it is very well a drawback since you tap buttons and the zombies do their flashy moves by themselves. It is however extremely fun to watch em take a spike platform for you and then hod it up as you cross. The sight is wonderful. As for the character upgrades, they are not necesary, but you buy them for Hell Mode.

Overall - Fun, but flawed.


Not much to do after beating the main game unfortunately, and to make matters worse, the game is extremely buggy. It can freeze in after the first stage before saving and it even freezes randomly in game, take note.


SCORE -[6.5/10] Decent




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