FIFA 13 Incredible Goal

Written by igcompany on Thursday, 13 September 2012 20:22.

And another video from FIFA 13 Demo that we would like to share with you. We tested the demo and we liked what we saw. Here is a cool goal that we scored in the Demo in a match between Borussia Dortmund and AC Milan:

FIFA 13 Demo First VideoGameplay

Written by igcompany on Tuesday, 11 September 2012 15:47.

We are proud to announce that we have uploaded the first complete videogameplay of FIFA 13 Demo on YouTube. See what's new in FIFA 13:

Sleeping Dogs Comic Book With Screenshots

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 26 August 2012 00:48.

Do you like comic books? Actually we put the wrong question. Of course you do! Everybody does. So we are going to try something new. As we just finished the walkthrough for Sleeping Dogs we are going to put all of those thumbnails we created for videos in this article. Spoiler alert! If you did not finish the game you may see some details about future missions in these pictures.

So we are going to post every screenshot from every mission and in the end it will look like a comic book. Or at least it should. Every picture is representative for it's mission and you can tell from the screenshots the emotions the characters are expressing.

Here we go:

Sleeping Dogs Mission 1

Sleeping Dogs Mission 2

Sleeping Dogs Mission 3

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Sleeping Dogs Missions List

Written by igcompany on Saturday, 25 August 2012 21:10.

A quick article to let you know the list of missions for Sleeping Dogs. We just finished the complete walkthrough for the game and you can see it .

We decided to do a Missions List for Sleeping Dogs because we saw that the internet is full of topics asking for this list but it can't be found nowhere.

Sleeping Dogs

In this list there are also a few cases.

Sleeping Dogs Missions List:

1. First Mission

2. Vendor Extortion

3. Night Market Chase

4. Identified Supplier

5. Amanda

6. Stick up and Delivery

7. Mini Bus Racket

8. Club Bam Bam

9. Popstar

10. Racing Scene

11. Listening In

12. Chain of Evidence

13. Payback

14. Gathered Surveillance

15. Uncle Po

16. Bride To Be

17. The Wedding

18. Hotshot

19. Meet The New Boss

20. Mrs. Chu's Revenge

21. Loose Ends

22. Final Kill

23. Initiation

24. Dockyard Heist

25. Serial Killer

26. Intensive Care

27. Important Visitor

28. Fast Girls

29. Bad Luck

30. Conflicted Loyalties

31. The Funeral

32. Civil Discord

33. Buried Alive

34. The Election

35. Big Smile Lee

Sleeping Dogs has been one great game. A review to follow ...

Ever wondered which was the first PC game?

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 05 August 2012 11:51.

I am sure that almost 100% of you that played a game, wondered which was the first game? Well on the computer the first game was called Spacewar! and was concieved in 1961 and launched in February 1962 after more than 200 hours of works. It was a great effort by Steve Russell, the creator of Spacewar! but it opened the world of PC gaming and we need to thank him for that, not only PC gamers but all of us who love games, no matter the gaming platform.

The game was featuring two armed spaceships trying to shoot each other. Was of course, a simple game but it was a hit at that time.

Spacewar! can still be found in it's original version at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

Spacewar - The first PC game

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