Backyard Football 2004 Cheats(PC)

Written by igcompany.

Thor Herrington:
Create a player and name him THOR HERRINGTON. Make his Birthday 1st March and have him rigt-handed and he will have all perfect skills.

Backyard Football 2002 Cheats(PC)

Written by igcompany.

Perfect Custom Player Stats

Enter 'PERFECTDUDES' as a coach name.

To get a team of Crashtest dummies type in MRCLANKY as your coaches name.

Backyard Basketball 2004 Cheats(PC)

Written by igcompany.

Enter the following names on the custom player menu at the team select screen.

MJ: Michael Jordan

SHAQ: Shaquille O'Neal

KOBE: Kobe Bryant

LEMON BOY: Thor Herring

BARRY DEJAY: Barry Dejay

VINCE: Vince Carter

ALLEN IVERSON: Allen Iverson

Backyard Baseball 2007 Cheats(PC)

Written by igcompany.

Unlock Derek Jeter

The New York Yankees Shortstop is unlocked as a playable character by successfully turning 2 double plays in one season game. He will then be available in ALL game modes.

Backyard Baseball 2003 Cheats(PC)

Written by igcompany.

In the batting practice shelf click on MrClanky, go to single game and you can choose him for your team(sometimes MrClanky is not on the shelf).

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