Little Big Watchmen

Written by Saky G on Wednesday, 30 September 2009 03:21.

Watchmen DLC confirmed for Little Big Planet.

This may very well be the most unexpected thing to happen in the entire year(with the exception of Gears 3 but that's another story). It has been announced that downloadable content from the movie Watchmen, which is based on the Alan Moore graphic novel of the same name will be released for Little Big Planet. The downloadable Watchmen pack will include the costumes of Silk Specter, Nite Owl, Ozymandias and of course the fan-favorite Rorschach. No word yet on Dr. Manhattan, but if he appears don't expect him to be completely faithful to the movie(fans will know what I'm talking about).

little big planet meets watchmen

Now tell me that isn't cute

The DLC will also include a sticker pack based on the comic book. Right now there is no info on the price tag but whatever the price may be, this is something Watchmen fans who own a copy of Little Big Planet can't miss, and this will probably motivate gamers to create and share their own custom levels based on Watchmen, which is always a plus. Gamers will also have the option of purchasing each costume individually if they don't feel like paying the full price tag.

Now please tell me that Rorschach and Silk Specter don't look adorable.

Playstation 3 Price Drop... Finally!!

Written by Saky G on Monday, 28 September 2009 00:21.

Sony has confirmed a price drop for the PS3 as soon as the new PS3 Slim is released.

PS3 Slim

The PS3's current price of the 160GB model will drop to $399, while the 80GB will have it's price dropped to $299 until they go out of stock. Once this happens both models will be discontinued in favor of the PS3 Slim

The new PS3 slim will have a 120GB HDD, and it will be 32 percent smaller and 34 percent lighter than the current models and it will have a quieter fan. It will lose the Other OS support in favor of being able to sync with Sony Bravia tv's, meaning that you will be able to control the PS3 with your remote(obviously not for games).

Looks like gamers will finally be able to get a PS3.

The PS3 slim will hit stores this September.

PES 2010 Preview

Written by igcompany on Saturday, 26 September 2009 09:35.

PES 2010

Here are some features of the upcoming game as presented by Konami:

Product Features

  • Introducing Transcendent Visuals - PES will offer drastic improvements in license content, stadium atmospheres, player likenesses all the way down to the specific moves of the real life players. When you play as Messi, it will be like Messi is playing.
  • Evolution of Intelligence - PES will draw upon the real life excitement of soccer which relies heavily on intelligent defenses and offensive schemes. The AI is redone and will feature Teamvision 2.0 for a more formidable opponent. It will also help your offense to build attacks or to close down your opponents attacks. Gamers will be able to execute orchestrated attacks and defenses which involve multiple players at the same time.
  • The Power of Choice - In addition to the UEFA Champions League mode, players will have more choices than ever. They can choose any of the modes including an enhanced Master League mode enabling players to create and manage their team for a longer period of time. In addition there will be multiple cups to play for and an edit mode to further personify your team.
  • Online Reinvented - A new dedicated section of the PES production team is committed to improving the online side of PES 2010. More downloadable content is also planned. Konami has supported PES 2009 with the release of new licensed teams, transfer updates, etc, and this support will grow for PES 2010. Team and content updates are planned throughout the game’s lifespan. These will make the game even more bespoke to the player’s match day needs.'

PES 2010 Messi

PES 2010 Image Gallery:

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Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats

Written by Saky G on Saturday, 19 September 2009 21:50.

Cellphone Cheats

Any time during the game, take Nico's phone and dial these numbers. NOTE that they will affect missions and achievements.

Health And Weapons Call: GTA-555-0100

Weapons Call: GUN-555-0150

Advanced Weapons: Call GUN-555-0100

Health Call: DOC-555-0100

Wanted Level Down Call: COP-555-0100

Wanted Level Up Call: COP-555-0150

Climate Change Call: HOT-555-0100

Spawn Cognoscenti (Mafia Car) Call: CAR-555-0142

Spawn Sanchez (Dirt Bike) Call: MBK-555-0150

Spawn FBI Buffalo Call: CAR-555-0100

Spawn Turismo Call: CAR-555-0147

Spawn NRG900 Call: MBK-555-0100

Spawn Comet Call: CAR-555-0175

Spawn SuperGT Call: CAR-555-0168

Spawn Police Chopper Call: FLY-555-0100

Spawn Jetmax (Boat) Call: WET-555-0100

[PS3] FIFA 10 Gameplay Innovations and Screenshots

Written by igcompany on Saturday, 19 September 2009 14:07.

All the FIFA fans are waiting for the following game of the series. The producers announced some new gameplay innovations that will be available in FIFA 10:

  1. 360? dribbling
  2. 360? defensive movement
  3. AI Team Styles
  4. Custom Team Styles
  5. Scout Report

1. 360? dribbling

The players are now moving more freely! In the past games you were not able to make your player to move in circle. Now with this innovation you can move your player however you want and you can make more realistic dribblings!

2. 360? defensive movement

When you are defending you can make more precise sliding tackles wich will allow you to defend better. The defenders will also be able to chase their opponents and to close them down.

3. AI Team Styles

The computer will play more like a pro! The computer will have some new playing styles:

Attacking team styles

  • Wingplay
  • Target Man
  • Counter Attack
  • Attacking Full backs
  • Total Football
  • The Hole
  • Box Overload
  • Side Overload
  • 3rd Man Release

Defensive Team Styles

  • Offside Trap
  • Pressing
  • Zonal Marking
  • Flat Back
  • Clearance (Long ball)
  • Man Marking  (as per FIFA 09)

4. Custom Team Styles

The user will have available the option to combine the attacking and defensive team styles.

5. Scout Report

You will have the chance to see full details of the scout report. The scout report will provide information on the Team style, formation and key players.

FIFA 10 on PS3

FIFA 10 on PS3


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