Nerf N-Strike Elite Game Info(Wii)

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It's up to you and the rest of the N-STRIKE team to blast him down once again. Jackal, a genius level NERF agent, has called the N-STRIKE ELITE back into action in this all-new adventure. In this mission, you will have the chance to build up your arsenal, improve your blasters and, most importantly, shoot bots.

Heralding the 40th anniversary year of Hasbro Inc.’s NERF brand, NERF “N-Strike” Elite comes bundled with a newly designed blue NERF SWITCH SHOT EX-3 blaster and attachable decoder lens that will deliver a blend of covert operation elements with over-the-top blasting missions.

Get in there and let the foam fly!



  • Play As One Of Four Characters -- Create tons of combinations by choosing your color, adding scopes or lasers, and boosting dart damage and rate of fire.
  • Access N-STRIKE ELITE Areas In The Game -- Discover new areas you can only find by playing co-op with a friend.
  • All New Switch Shot Ex-3 With 3-in-1 Play -- Play in game with the Wii Remote and by using the Red Reveal lens or drop the plunger in to shoot real darts.
  • A New Revealing Way To Play -- Use Red Reveal tech to detect enemy weak points, find hidden passages and unlock new blasters.
  • Customize High Tech Nerf Blasters -- Create tons of combinations by choosing your color, adding scopes or lasers, and boosting dart damage and rate of fire.

Nerf2 NStrike Elite Wii Screen 2

Nerf2 NStrike Elite Wii Tango Juggernaut

Nerf2 NStrike Elite Wii Reveal

Need For Speed NITRO Game Info(Wii)

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Own Your World at 200MPH!

Customize your car, take corners at 200 mph, and own your opponents. Need for Speed NITRO delivers the fun and exhilaration of high-speed racing with deep and challenging gameplay, where racing skills are not the only way to victory.

Master advanced techniques such as building up boost by taking risks on the road, then use it at the right moment to take the lead. But don’t forget about the cops, who will do everything they can to disrupt the race. And for the ultimate bragging rights, impose your graphical style on the world when you lead.

However you choose to race, never count on victory until you’ve crossed the finish line.



  • Own the World - When you're in first place, the walls of the city become covered with your graphic style. Now everyone knows that you're the one leading the pack.
  • Pick Your Ride - The style and spirit of the game are rooted in car culture, with 30 classic and modern licensed cars including muscles, exotics, tuners, and more.
  • Battle to the Finish Line - Increase other racers' heat levels to sick the cops on them, manage car damage to maintain maximum speed, and build up nitro with skilled driving to take the lead. The race is never over until you cross the finish line!
  • Extreme Customization - Trick out your car's appearance using an incredibly deep yet intuitive customization system unlike anything seen on the Wii. Never before in a Need for Speed game have you had this much control over the look of your ride.
  • Coop World Tour Campaign - Take part in illegal street races across five cities to unlock new cars, parts, tracks, and challenges. Up to three players can also join you to play cooperatively. Plus, race on 15 tracks featuring traffic, jumps, canyons, and events.
  • Nitro-Charged Multiplayer - Up to four players can take part in intense races across seven race modes: Race, Team Race, Eliminator, Drag Race, Speed Cameras Challenge, Drift Challenge, and Time Attack Challenge.

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EA SPORTS Active More Workouts Game Info(Wii)

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EA SPORTS Active More Workouts features a new way to burn calories, get fit and have fun in the comfort of your home. More Workouts includes over 35 new exercises, so you can create unlimited combinations of customizable exercise routines that target the upper and lower body, as well as cardio.

Take advantage of an emphasis on abdominal exercises, as well as a robust warm up/cool down feature. The all-new presentation takes you to the tropics and immerses you in warm weather activities like waterskiing and paddle surfing. EA SPORTS Active More Workouts also features the Six-Week Challenge – another step in the journey towards better health and fitness with new daily workouts that ramp up in intensity each week.

EA SPORTS Active More Workouts gives you the benefit of a personal trainer in a box and will help you stay on track to reach your fitness goals.



  • Benefit of a Personal Trainer in a Box - Similar to a personal trainer, the program provides clear instruction, feedback on technique and encouragement, while also providing calories burned in real time.
  • Six-Week Challenge - This personalized full body challenge will give users a new customizable weekly schedule and a weekly check-in with the virtual trainer to track calorie, weight and workout goals.
  • Full Body Circuit Workout Routines - The specially designed leg strap holds the NunchukT and the Wii Remote is held in hand to track upper and lower body movements. A resistance band increases the intensity of exercises such as bicep curls**.
  • Warm up and Cool down - Eight all-new warm up and cool down exercises that stretch muscles before and after workouts to help prevent aches and injury.
  • Abdominal Exercises - All-new detectable abdominal exercises help tone abs and strengthen the mid-section of the body.
  • Personal Trainer to More Workouts - Profiles and results achieved in Personal Trainer can be transferred to More Workouts.
  • Track Your Journey - To encourage overall wellness, there is a journal that allows user to set goals and track progress - accounting for activities both in and outside of software - while also providing all-new nutrition and fitness tips.
  • Workout Your Way - For optimal personalization, circuits can be customized based on interests and fitness level and there is complete flexibility for the duration and intensity level.
  • Nutrition Tips from Bob Greene - To keep you on track in every area of your life, More Workouts includes an 80-page Special Edition Bob Greene Best Life Nutrition Book with purchase.

EAS Active MW Wii Screenshot 3

EAS Active MW Wii Screenshot 1

EAS Active MW Wii Screenshot 4

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Game Info(Wii)

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EA SPORTS celebrates the single largest sporting event on the planet with the only official and exclusively licensed videogame for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.

Experience all the emotion and passion of the world's fiercest national rivalries as you live the dream of competing against fans from around the world for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Take on the challenge of leading your home nation from qualification right through to a virtual re-creation of the FIFA World Cup Final and feel what it is like to score the goal that lifts a nation.

For the first time ever, play out the 2010 FIFA World Cup in a full and authentic online tournament mode.  Carry the hopes and dreams of your favourite nation into battle against fans from rival countries. Compete under the same conditions your real-world heroes will face in South Africa, from the group stage through the knockout rounds to the chance to be crowned 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa champion. For fans of nations that failed to qualify for South Africa this is the chance to replay and re-write history. Plus, earn individual and team points to prove your nation is the best in Battle of the Nations.

Spectacularly presented in true-to-life detail, 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa features all 199 national teams that took part in qualification, all 10 officially licensed stadiums to be used in South Africa and stadiums from each qualifying region. Everything fans love about the World Cup comes to life in stunning detail, including confetti cannons, streamers, & fireworks-just like the official tournament. Plus, supporters who follow their heroes to South Africa will be in the stands waving their country's flag, holding giant banners and cheering in their native language.



  • Win the 2010 FIFA World Cup - Compete as one of 199 teams from qualification right through to a virtual reproduction of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final. Play in any of the 10 official stadiums that come to life with the pageantry and festivity of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
  • 2010 FIFA World Cup Online - The first-ever full and authentic 2010 FIFA World Cup online tournament. Compete as your favourite country against rivals in the group stage through the knockout rounds to be crowned 2010 FIFA World Cup champion. Navigate the Globe to locate top countries and opponents among all 199 participating nations.
  • Spectacular Presentation - 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa comes to life in spectacular fashion with all the emotion and pageantry of the official tournament, including all 10 official licensed stadiums. Experience confetti cannons, streamers, giant banners, seat cards, flags and fireworks as if you were in South Africa.
  • Battle of the Nations - Represent your country in the 2010 FIFA World Cup online tournament against your rivals to win global supremacy. Earn individual and team points and prove your nation is the best. Every performance is rated, recorded and uploaded and your ratings all count towards player and nation leaderboards.
  • Home & Away Tactics - CPU mimics international football by creating strategic, defensive formations for weaker teams playing away from home. Plus, weaker teams raise their level of play on their home pitch.
  • Altitude Effects - Less air resistance at altitude means the ball travels faster and further. Plus, player will noticeably fatigue faster and their stamina challenged while playing in cities at higher elevations versus sea level.
  • Authentic Stadiums - Compete in all 10 official stadiums of 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Game Info(Wii)

Written by igcompany on Monday, 14 November 2011 17:41.

Lead Your Team to Glory

Lead your team to glory in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11!

It’s truly an international affair as you fight for honor, fight for country in the all-new Ryder Cup Challenge on The Celtic Manor Resort in Wales, 2010's Ryder Cup course. Square off against rivals on either the American or European teams; your performance on the links determines which country reigns supreme.

Strategy comes into play as you create your own team and take on others in Online Team Play - up to 12 versus 12. For those seeking something as close to being on the course as possible, the new True View Mode lets you take shots from the eyes of your golfer with 1:1 accuracy on the Wii or PlayStation Move.



  • Bring Home the Ryder Cup - Assume the role of captain and tweak match-ups on the fly and participate in the various competitions - better ball, alternate shot and match play. Lead your team to glory in the last great sporting event founded on prestige, rather than prize money.
  • Take the Team Online - Compete in an all-new team golf mode that allows up to 24 players to compete head-to-head as members of a team. Join a team or create your own, then hit the links to see if your team can rise to the top of the leaderboards.
  • Graphical Enhancements - Even more graphical detail has been added to the game via textured clothing, flowing hair and apparel and time of day changes during the round.
  • Championship Courses- Take on the best of the best on many of the PGA TOUR's most renowned championship courses, including TPC Scottsdale.
  • Wii MotionPlus Enhanced – Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 takes the Wii MotionPlus swing mechanics up a notch with Advanced Plus and Tour Pro swing options. Advanced Plus not only tracks swing rotation, but now also tracks swing plane; reading the virtual path of your club. The Tour Pro option enhances the swing mechanic by measuring the point of contact on the ball, making it possible to miss the ball completely!
  • True View – Experience Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 from a whole new perspective with True View, a first-person vantage point. Now you have complete freedom of movement over the club while looking down at the ball, both before and during your swing.

Tiger 11 Screen 3

Tiger 11 Screen 1

Tiger 11 Screen 2

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