Metal Gear Acid Preview (PSP)

Written by igcompany on 14 June 2010.

Game Information

Snake is dragged out of retirement to prevent terrorists from stealing valuable scientific data, at the same time protecting the life of a US senator.

Although the action looks every bit as good as any of the MGS series, this first instalment for PSP is played according to the rules of a strategic card game. Konami is widely known for success in collectible card games (CCG), and the MGS themes translate brilliantly to this popular format.

'Acid' features a brand new storyline, with Snake answering to a new commander named Roger. A group of mercenaries has hijacked an airliner with a US senator on board, and they're holding him to ransom. In return for his life, the terrorists want the US military to release details of a project codenamed Pythagoras. The mercenaries have set up a stronghold in a research facility on a small African Island, Lobito, and it's here that Snake intends to thwart their plans.

To help him complete the missions, Snake is joined at certain stages by a female secret cooperative named Teliko who is also a playable character. They combine abilities, as portrayed by the cards, to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. There is also a young girl called Alice who lends her psychic abilities to the cause.

The gameplay requires you to collect cards and construct decks that will decide how you complete objectives. Card types include Move, Use and Equip and a combination of these is offered to you in each situation - you might want to use the Move cards to sneak up behind an enemy guard after applying an Equip card to employ night-vision goggles then Use a weapon to bring him down.

Each card has a 'cost' value, meaning that it takes a certain amount of game time to recover from the action. This plays an important strategic role, and as you get further into the game more options become available with cards either found, stolen from enemies, or earned due to top-class performance. At the end of each mission, Snake is rated on his ability and new cards are awarded accordingly.

Although very different to MGS games you may have played in the past, Acid still retains the classic MGS feel. It has all the atmospheric locations, cool action sequences and intriguing plot twists you have come to expect.

  • Hideo Kojima's innovative take on the classic Metal Gear theme
  • Collectible Card Game meets Metal Gear Solid!
  • All-new storyline featuring all-new characters - friend and foe
  • Play as a new female secret operative, alongside Solid Snake

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