10 Years since the 2002 World Cup Final

on Saturday, 30 June 2012. Posted in General

Today there are 10 years since the 2002 World Cup Final in Yokohama, Japan. The tournament has been hosted by South Koreea and Japan and i think it's one of the most spectacular final tournaments lately.

I still remember some of the games and these with EURO 2012 i almost forgot what a great tournament we had exactly 10 years ago. It's amazing how fast the time passed and how football (and games) evolved over time.

The final was disputed on this stadium:

World Cup 2002 Final Stadium Yokohama Japan

and you can see the brazilian fans cheering their team. Brazil won that final and also won their 5th World Cup title after two goals from the amazing Ronaldo. During that tournament many upcoming stars made their appearence in the big world of football, like Ronaldinho, scoring a fabolous goal against England. Teams like Turkey and South Koreea managed to finish the tournament on the third and the fourth place even though they didn't had big performances until that time.

A big upset was France which we can compare now with Netherlands at EURO 2012. France came after winning the 1998 World Cup which they hosted and EURO 2000. In the first match they lost 0-1 to Senegal.

They finished on the last place in the Group A with only 1 point.

Senegal reached the quarter final as well as the current World Cup champions and European champions Spain.

Spain grew a lot in the meanwhile. Xavi also scored one penalty against South Koreea in the quarter finals but other two team mates failed to do so and South Koreea reached the semi finals.

Very young footballers by then, Ronaldinho, Ballack, Xavi, Donovan they all confirmed after they amazed the whole world in Koreea and Japan.

Well that's it. With that my friends even though the website didn't existed in 2002 and the internet world was somehow just at the beggining we covered the World Cup 2002 tournament. As well the World Cup 2010 and EURO 2012. You can read more articles about these tournaments in our blog.

Tomorrow we will have another historical match. The EURO 2012 Final between Spain and Italy.

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