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EURO 2012 - Very entertaining tournament

on Monday, 18 June 2012. Posted in General

Now that we are almost in the first knock out round we can say some conclusions on EURO 2012 and make some guessings on the future results. As i stated in my earlier article Germany seems to win everything as they are the only team at EURO to make the biggest number of points in a group where the big favourites where Holland.

I'm surprised that a team like Holland even though they had only one match lost in the qualifiers, they are the current vice champions of the world after they reached the finals in South Africa back in 2010.

EURO 2012 Kiev Stadium Final

This may be the biggest surprise in the latest final tournaments after the one in 2002 when France clashed with Senegal after they won EURO 2000 and World Cup 1998 which they organised.

Since we are talking about organisation the tournament was a good one. Maybe some fans cancelled their tickets to the tournament because they thought they won't find some good hotels to check in. That seems to be the biggest problem at the tournament.

Greece made another surprise after the one in 2004 and managed to eliminate Russia who was favourite even for winning the trophy after the first match against the Czech Republic finished 4-1.

I also liked Ukraine. They showed they have a good team and tomorrow they will play against England where Rooney is coming back after a suspension. Tonight Spain will play against one of the promising teams at this tournament, Croatia and Italy will play against Ireland.

We may see another surprise and see Italy going home only after the group stage.

In the future games i see Germany winning them all. The first two knock out stage games we already know:

Germany vs Greece

Czech Republich vs Portugal

With that being said we had a great tournament so far and i hope we will have even a better one until the final that will be played in Kiev on the stadium you can see in the picture above on July 1st, 2012.

FIFA 12 Way to buggy

on Monday, 06 February 2012. Posted in General

FIFA 12 is a way too buggy game! I have been playing several seasons but the glitches in this game and the bugs available expecially at the Player Impact Engine sistem makes winning a game an imposible mission!

I hope EA will progress in the next game and they will solve all the errors that are currently existing in the Player Impact Engine.

I mean every time i want to take the ball from the opponent 2 players of mine bump into each other. Oh. Fifa 12 is a great game if you we are going to talk about the graphics but the other things like gameplay and other engines used ruin the game!

Germany-Serbia FIFA World Cup 2010

on Friday, 18 June 2010. Posted in General

I know i didn't wrote for a while but i'm writing this article now. Germany plays with Serbia in the second match of the group D. Just watching this game right now and Germany's forward Klose has been sent off. And now Serbia has scored. It will be hard for Germany to win this match but anyway the first winning it's very important for them.

Another two matches will be playing next: England - Algeria (i predict an England winning by 2 goals)

and Slovenia - USA (i predict a draw 1-1).

Till now the World Cup has been a spectacular one, poor in goals but the games were entertaining.

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