You Are Empty Cheats(PC)

Written by igcompany.


Weapon Cheat

During gameplay press ~ key to open the console then type :

give x

where x is

Electro Gun weapon_thunder
electrogun and flame thrower ammo ammo_thunder
flame thrower weapon_thunder_fire
grenade weapon_grenade
Heavy Machine Gun weapon_maxim
Heavy Machine Gun ammo ammo_maxim
large medikit item_medikit_large
Molotov Cocktail weapon_bottle
nailgun weapon_nailgun
nailgun ammo ammo_nailgun
pistol weapon_mauzer
pistol ammo ammo_mauzer
rifle weapon_rifle
rifle & sniper rifle ammo ammo_rifle
shotgun weapon_obrez
shotgun ammo ammo_obrez
small medikit item_medikit_small
Sniper rifle weapon_rifle_sniper
Sub Machine Gun weapon_machinegun
Sub Machine Gun ammo ammo_ppsh
wrench weapon_spanner

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