Battlefield 4 Single Player Campaign First Thoughts

Written by igcompany on Friday, 08 November 2013 10:52.

Battlefield 4 Single Player


I just finished Battlefield 4 and I want to write a few thoughts about this game. First of all I think the single player mode is very very short. Also I'm sure that if you already read a few other reviews you already know that the single player mode is very very buggy. Battlefield 3 single player mode was amazing, the story was amazing and it was pretty real, was really fun and graphics were pretty good. 

As soon as I started the Battlefield 4  single player mode I immediately started to get tired of it because of the bugs. One of the most annoying glitches was that after you cleared the field of enemies suddenly a new enemy would appear behind your back.

The story was boring. Is the same classic story of USA versus Russia and more recently China. And I don't want to be rude but that woman shall not be in this game. She was very annoying and the way the story turns in a matter of seconds makes you think that you are actually watching a bad movie. Someone said that the single player mode shall not be even there and I think he is right. When I finished the game I couldn't believe it it was so short and I was actually expecting for more mission's to come.

When I finished the game I actually thought that this was one of the worst single-payer campaigns I ever played. It was one of the most boring, useless and buggiest single player companies I've ever played.

In Battlefield 3 the single player campaign was one of the best features that game had but in Battlefield 4 the single player campaign shall not be even there. The multiplayer mode should save Bethelfield 4 but that sucks too because the servers are very slow and the whole game is very buggy. Overall I think this game does not deserve a number bigger than seven.

What do you think about Battlefield 4? Did you like this game? Do you like the single player mode? What about the multiplayer mode? Thank you for reading and please write your comment down below!

Next-gen vs PC

Written by ShootBlood on Saturday, 07 September 2013 19:41.


Games that will live forever: FIFA 2005

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 02 December 2012 12:31.

So i was browsing for the songs from FIFA 2005 (which may have the best soundtracks in a game ever) and i realised that after being tired of the stupid FIFA 13, what i need is actually another round of FIFA 2005. Oh my God ... this game will never get old. I remember getting it in 2004 and playing it all day long. In my opinion is still the best FIFA game ever and can be played no matter the times we are living.

Over the years i played every FIFA, from 05 until 13 but every year i came back to 05. It just has something about it ... no stupid engines (player impact, first touch control) that can ruin the game ... it's just football! Great soundtracks and it was the first FIFA in which the players actually started to look like the ones in real life.

I am now writing this article on full throttle because of one soundtrack that was present in FIFA 2005. For those of you who still remember here is the name of it: Oomph! - Augen Auf. While looking for opinions on FIFA 2005 and if someone still plays it, i was surprised to find out that this is actually one of the most loved FIFA games and people are remembering the game with pleasure.

Here is a screenshot from the game which we reviewed back in '09:

FIFA 2005 Screenshot

Just by looking at this picture i got great memories coming to my mind. In this FIFA there were no idiotic 30m goals and i don't remember scoring goals because of the bugs. Actually i don't remember getting any errors at all. This is perfection!

The game was running smoothly and you could pass well to your team mates without any stupid first touch control coming in. My first team that i used in my career was Hellas Verona and since then i always used them no matter what version of FIFA i was playing. Dario Biasi, the left breaker was pushed all the way up into the other side of the field ... i made him an attacker because of this 99 speed skill. Not matter what team i was playing against, he always got passed them but 90% of the times he would miss because of his poor shooting skills. I took Hellas Verona from Serie B and made them win the Serie B, promote to Serie A, win the championship in Serie A (beating teams like AC Milan, Juventus and Inter Milano), winning the Italian Cup and also winning the Champions League. I remember once i had two games on December 31st but hey they were professional players so all they had to do was to concentrate and win the games.

The games against AC Milan on World Class were the hardest ones. In about two years i was always meeting them in the Italian Cup and even in the Champions League. I was barely having more victories against them than they had against me. At one decisive game i was 2-2 in the 88th minute. I wasn't scoring too much from crosses but this time i gave it a shot. I runned on the right side, took the cross and one of my attackers (if i well remember), Antimo Iunco or Dario Biasi scored with a header. 3-2 for me in the 89th minute for me. I though it was all over but the opponent was moving like crazy on World Class so they started one last attack in the 90th minute. It was something like mine just one minute ago, a cross and Shevchenko ... took a scissors but missed it with only a few cm on the right post. I watched the replay over and over again and i still didn't believe that he missed and i was winning. I kicked the ball with my goalkeeper and it was all over, 3-2 for me ... 7 years from that game already.

I'm preparing for some FIFA 2005 with it's soundtracks which actually brings me in my head a lot of moves and tricks.

Ronaldinho was 24 years old and was one of the best players, if not the best in FIFA 2005. Thierry Henry also was at it's peak. Cristiano Ronaldo can be seen in the picture ... he was only 19 years old!

8 years since this game has been released and almost 8 years since i got it and i want to play it again. Anybody up for a match?

Do you still play FIFA 2005?

FIFA 13 Review

Written by igcompany on Friday, 05 October 2012 19:38.

Let me start by saying this: FIFA 13 is a disaster!

I don't know what is up with all those reviews on other famous websites where FIFA always get high ratings but i tend to think that they are getting payed for them. This is not a paid review so I'm going to tell that FIFA 13 is the worst game I played in 2012.

FIFA 13 Review Menu

In FIFA 12 there were a lot of bugs that made the game impossible to play. I hoped they will fix them but they didn't. In fact they added even more 'technologies' and they messed up the game even more. First touch control? You got to be kidding me!

I understand what EA tried to do here. They tried to make the game look like in real life. With the ball bouncing all over the field but instead they made a game where it is impossible to make two passes in a row because you simply cannot put a perfect stop. More than that i don't think i was able to give a perfect pass. The game is full of retarded moments where players aren't able to stop the ball (idiotic First Touch Control) in 90% of the cases. If we take a look at real life games in 90% of the cases players are able to stop the ball properly. Also there are the throw ins. The side lines of the field are acting like a magnet so it is impossible to keep the ball in the game if you are anywhere near the lines. In fact everytime you are trying to kick the ball away from your own goal it always goes off the field, no matter the direction you set.

Not that we are talking about directions, i remembered something else. The game seems not to listen your commands, ever. The PC seems to control all your moves and they are 3 seconds behind. I'm only playing the game online and in Ultimate Team Mode and i have to think a few seconds further because if I press the shoot button then the player will make a few more additional steps and only after that will shoot. In those 3 seconds i will already have the ball removed by my opponent.

Like I said, I usually play FIFA 13 Online which makes me think of another issue (yes, another!): servers quality. There isn't a game where you won't have lag. EA takes hundreds of millions of dolars profit off this game and they can't buy some good servers. The last game that i've played in Ultimate Team i was leading 2-0 and FIFA took care of that. They suddently removed the player name bar (which also contains the power bar which is critical for winning a game) and in the end i lost the game with 3-2.



Actually this game is so full of bugs that i will have to talk about them again in every section of this review. The players are bumping into each others like they are retarded and it is really annoing when they are doing that when you have to make a save from a goal. For example the opponent is left only with your goalkeeper and your central breaker is only a few meters behind. You start running towards him but guess what? You accidentaly hit referee's back. Now this is where the idiotic Player Impact Engine comes in that haven't been fixed since FIFA 12 and your players fall down. Of course your opponent is scoring against you. I get like 90% of the goals against me because of such bugs.

The game is made by EA Canada and it looks like it has been made by some hockey fans out there. They really don't have a clue what football means. They probably watched a few real life games or two and decided: "Oh, we're ready! This game is so eazy! Let's start developing the game!" with no clue about rules whatsoever. The referee gives yellow cards for fouls commited minutes ago, and the offside thing is a disaster as well.

I once was awarded with a free kick for a foul against me but guess what? It was still me who got a yellow card! Can you believe that? The developers of this game really need to get their facts right. Also there are alot of fouls which aren't really but they become one because of the Player Impact Engine 'technology'. The players are bumping into each other like they are kicking each other's heads and the first who falls down will be awarded with a free kick.

Offsides. Somebody please explain these guys that it is not automatically an offside if a player of yours is behind the last defender of your opponent and other player of your is kicking the ball? I have a free kick in my own 20 meters, i kick the ball and they automatically get an offside because a striker of mine was behind his breakers. Well guess what developers? It ain't offside until that specific player touches the ball or influences that play in any way. It seems like i am the only one observing these frustating bugs that ruin your gameplay experience.


'Old Story' Games Have Better Success?

Written by igcompany on Saturday, 07 July 2012 17:48.

You may have noticed that most of the games that are set in an older period are having more success than a game that is set nowadays for example or even than the one that are set in the future.

I am a fan of these games mainly because usually developers have a strong ability to create the game and the story with a perfect time setting. Rockstar is a more recent example with their L.A. Noire story. L.A. Noire is set in the 1940's Los Angeles and they had a specific department where their main mission was to gather as much information as they can about the 1940's Los Angeles (buildings, cars, people, design, fashion, everything). They finished by doing a great job and i may put L.A. Noire on my favourite games list. But as i said i am a fan of this kind of games. Some of you may like the games that are set somewhere in future (which are mainly sci-fi). These kind of games are also good to learn more history. L.A. Noire had a nice feature ... everytime you went beside a famous building in Los Angeles, a message would pop out in which you were finding out more about that building. Also i find it extremely interesting to see how people were living in those times, the clothes they were wearing, the cars they were driving and to make a comparison to nowadays and see how much the world evolved.

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