[PC]Max Payne 3 Review

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 17 June 2012 10:44.

Now before i start this review i must say that Max Payne 3 had one of the most impressive and entertaining stories by far from all the games that i have been playing lately.

Good. Now let's begin. This review may also contain spoilers.

The game begins with a small clip from the last mission. Max Payne is on an airport and is ready to eliminate the last two enemies but then he starts to tell us his story since he left New York. The game has XIV chapters and even if i played it on medium i must say it is the hardest game i have ever played. I had to shot at least three bullets in their heads to eliminate them. Besides that the game becomes similar to Alan Wake after one point since all you do is to shoot, shoot and shoot. You get stuck in one place (room, parking lot) and there you get a series of 10 soldiers to fight with. After you're done with them, there comes another series of 10 soldiers and then another one. Only after that you can proceed to the next room or location. More than that if they get you, you will be respawned several locations behind. So you must play very careful (i can't imagine how hard it is to play it on hard).

In the most part of the game we see Max Payne as a bodyguard for a famous rich family in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There are a couple of missions in New York where Max tells us his story back in America and how he got chased down from USA all the way down to Brazil.

The whole game is full of kindappings, ransoms, police and mafia.

In the first few chapters the big sister from the family is getting kidnapped. Max is trying to chase the kidnappers down until the last few missions. In the meanwhile in the rich brazilian familly there are happening a lot more things. The family that Max is guarding is represented by three brothers and two sisters.

After the big sister is kidnapped the big (and the richest) brother is being attacked in his office by the police who is trying to kill him (yes i will get back to this).

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FIFA 12 - The buggiest FIFA of all time

Written by igcompany on Saturday, 12 May 2012 15:52.

I have been playing FIFA games since i've got my first computer. I have been playing FIFA 2002 and since then i've tried almost all of the FIFA games. FIFA 2005 was my favourite one and since that game the franchise got a lot worse. Because of the PC piracy EA started not to care that much about the PC versions (which i play) and made legendary games for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. But still no improvements for PC. FIFA 06, 07 and 08 all looked the same. I started to get used to it and never thought they will bring that 'next gen' game from consoles to PC. But they did!

FIFA 12 was the first FIFA next gen for PC. Many players are saying that the PC version of FIFA 12 looks better on the computer. I made some big eyes when i heard that and after i checked out some videos of FIFA 12 on consoles it was confirmed! But after playing for a longer time FIFA 12 on PC it drove me crazy! It's not possible to put a game like that on the market. It's a disgrace for us, the fans of the series that are buying the game.


The Player Impact Engine makes the whole game look like a big fail. The players keep bumping into each other and the difficulty of the game is ireal. I've seen alot of positive reviews on the internet but in my opinion this deserves the credit only for the graphics. Yes they are the best from the entire series but FIFA 12 is i think the buggiest game i've ever played.

When i try to get the ball from a computer's striker, 2 defenders of mine bump into each other and the computer simply puts it into the net. And another thing that keeps happening. I shoot with full power being 6m away from the goal and the keeper keeps saving. It's like almost impossible to score when you are 1 vs 1. Once i was leading 2-0 and it was the 88th minute. The computer didn't have at least 1 shoot on goal. Suddenly he starts playing like crazy, dribbling all my players with just one player of his and (like 90% of his goals) puts a pass into the box from one of the sides and the striker simply puts it into the net. 2-1 in the 88th minute. The game starts again and he takes the ball away from me into one final attack. My goalkeeper (congratulations goalkeeper ... never thought you were capable of saving easy shoots) saves the shoot and i fully press the shoot button. But in the last moment a player of mine steps in front of the goalkeeper so he shoots the ball straight into that defender. The ball goes into the goal so the final score is 2-2. I mostly loose because of these glitches and the computer has only one way to score goals against you. Either he makes that 'dribble all the players and then take a cross into the box and then shoot' thing, either he is going to score against you from a penalty. The final match facts are always showing me: my team 20 shoots on goal and just one goal scored and computer's team 1 shoot one goal.

I developed a way to score goals just around the 16m area. The AI is almost inexistent so he can't figure it out that i'm scoring 90% of my goals in the same way.

I barely manage to finish around the third place at the end of the championship and that's at the 'pro' level. The whole game looks like a bunch of players that keep bumping into each other. I really hope that EA will fix this up. The game looks like an alpha version and the glitchy Player Impact Engine makes FIFA 12 impossible to play.

To the Moon (PC) Review

Written by Zach on Thursday, 05 April 2012 10:20.

To the Moon is not your average game. You don't kill anything that moves, and there is little puzzle aspect to it. At this point, you may be wondering, "Why would people play this game?" The story, it is simply mesmerizing.To the Moon

Mass Effect 3: Way to go EA!

Written by igcompany on Thursday, 15 March 2012 13:26.

Now that it's been a week since Mass Effect 3 has launched we can write some conclusions.

First of all: Way to go EA! I have never seen a game to have such good graphics and such low system requirements.

In the graphics tab the only options you can choose are the resolution, antialiasing and other graphic elements. The detail tab (low, medium, high) is now determined by the game itself.

The gameplay is cool. The story it's impressive!

Mass Effect 3

The only bad part found until now after hours of playing (or from the first minutes of playing) is the cover system. You have to use the space button for two of the main things: taking cover and running. This can be pretty annoying when you want to run and you are beside a wall. Instead of running the character will take cover.

That being said we are going to have a review coming up and many more video gameplays to follow. Make sure to check our YouTube channel for the latest videos.

Thank you for following us and play hard!

Warm up Game Info(PC)

Written by igcompany on Friday, 27 January 2012 14:13.


790 horsepower, 600kg and you... It's raining, the crowds erup along the stands. Red lights go out, first gear, sliding, second, third, fourth, fifth. 340 km/h and the water spary cuts visibility down to 50 meters. The rail is so close, the surface treacherous, the pace just so blindingly fast.

Main features

  • Realistic feelings, for the beginner as for the expert.
  • Exchange your “ghosts” via Internet and become champion of the world…!
  • Up to 10 players on network
  • Warm up-0
    • Warm up-1
      • Warm up-2

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