Odyssey - The Search for Ulysses Game Info(PC)

Written by igcompany on 27 January 2012.


At the request of Pénelope, who has had no news of Ulysses for many years, Heritias sets off in search of his childhood friend. In the footsteps on Ulysses, Heritias goes first to Troy, the last place the leader of the Achaean troops was seen. Gathering clues about his friend little by little as he pursues his adventures, he travels the Islands of the Aegean Sean crosses dream-like universes and descends into the Underworld.

Made to undergo dreadful trials, he will have to fight against terrifying creatures (the Cyclops, the Gorgon…) He will have to foil the manipulation of the gods, escape from the conspiracy of Poseidon’s agents, and resists of seductive enchantress.

Main features

  • Stunning action and adventure inspired by the famous story of Antiquity.
  • A universe faithful to Homer’s tale, including its legendary characters (Poseidon, Zeus, Cerberus, the Cyclops…)
  • An incredible voyage through magnificent lands (ancient temples, the beautiful landscapes of the Greeks islands, mythical locations…)
  • Outstanding graphic quality thanks to the new Cryogen engine, which allows the characters to move in real time 3D in pre-rendered environment.
  • Bewitching music, combining oriental influences and contemporary rhythms.
  • Odyssey-0
    • Odyssey-1
      • Odyssey-2

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