Medal of Honor Allied Assault Review

Written by Blackjack on 26 September 2009.

Imagine. It is June 6, 1944. Along with thousands of fellow soldiers get you off on a strange beach. The amphibious vehicle of your tailgate opens and immediately fired shots. You see your friends die before your eyes while there is nothing you can do. You run out of the vehicle to take cover before the German troops take your shot.

This is the beginning of one of the many missions in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (mohaa). As you might have by playing this game away at the end of the second world war when the Allies fight against the great German Empire continue. You play Mike Powell, an American lieutenant. In this game you will have more than 30 levels to traverse in 6 exciting missions. You'll have to take against the Germans in areas such as North Africa and occupied France.

Mohaa for the launch already a big name in the games world. The game was pretty much hyped gamer and you could not even find the game had not heard. But it was waiting for mohaa it really worth?

The thing you immediately notice when you begin a game are the graphics. These start with the intro movie and run through until the end of the game. This section is perhaps the most important element in mohaa. The areas where you see you standing there like a real person and there really seems to be no pixeltje wrong. The enemies you will encounter are perfectly put together. As some older games you ever saw one part of the body of your enemies are not quite right, but this is not the case in mohaa.

As with almost every shooter, the sound also mohaa very sharp. So will your ears almost pop when you make a wrong move and your shoes get 44 on a landmine. The sound effects are very good mohaa, but especially into the atmosphere and the realism it.
The music is a bit Mohaa hidden in the background. At least ... at some points in the game. If you are involved in a sniper mission where you'll have to play the music very exciting and a little louder than normal.
The Artificial Intelligence in mohaa is very good. For example, you shoot a guard down and you'd expect the rest of the group is right around the corner is blown with their rifles under their arms, but this did not happen. Instead the soldiers will remain behind the corner to discover that something is free and you wait until the unsuspecting corner perish. At the moment they strike.

All well and good, but the fun is not back in the game once you've played? To be honest that is a little bit about yourself. You should be able to play the game again in a difficult position, but the game also has the option to keep a multiplayer game. Do you have cable internet, this is all well and good, because playing against friends over the Internet is great fun. Do not have cable, then you can always try a small lan network.

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Definetly true, its a very good game graphicly, and the expansion SH is also good

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