Medal of Honor Spearhead Review

Written by Blackjack on 26 September 2009.

Allied Assault predecessor was known for the hugely compelling missions. You looked like an interactive version of Saving Private Ryan to sit. This high production values were also used for the Spearhead addon.
In the opening scene of the game you're in an airplane with your fellow soldiers. When the time comes, you jump out your parachute to be received on air guns, German fighter planes along shave ... chaos everywhere! You crash through the roof of an old barn and the inside is full of German soldiers.
In this way the first start of the campaign 3. In total, the whole divided into 9 separate single player levels The first campaign takes place during the invasion of Normandy, but this time do not play in the sand. You are on the line dropped to a bridge to blow so "see dgermains" no reinforcement could get.
The second mission takes place in our own Ardennes on Christmas Eve. The snowy hills and forests provide the ideal setting for one of the brightest single player experience this year. Your captain is injured and you need a medic find as you sprint from trench to trench.
The latest campaign consists of only 2 levels that occur in Berlin. You have to pull the ruined city in search of certain documents. Once you have the paperwork you need a tank back from Berlin
In total there are 12 new multiplayer maps in the addon, 4 maps these, the new game mode "Tug-of-War". In TOW try a number of fixed objectives with your team to complete. The team that wins here eest succeed. An alternative way to victory at the respawn point is to strike and destroy all enemies.
Although the new fashion is big fun to play deathmatch maps 8 and well made.

There are a range of new weapons in the game but ultimately differ almost only in appearance. The Webley revolver of a British soldier, for example in terms of popping identical to the Colt .45 from his American counterpart. Yet it is a nice addition because you are the difference in class and character more clearly and feel while playing. The "Gewehrgranate" from the demo is not the full game. This weapon, Mauser with a grenade launcher, could perhaps be added in a later patch.

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