FIFA 2005 Review

Written by igcompany on 26 September 2009.


THE BEST FIFA EVER! And i don't say that just because this game has a great gameplay and graphics for one made in 2004. I say this because this game has a gameplay and graphics a lot over the other games from the FIFA series released till 2004 and in my opinion the most impressive gameplay and feeling of all the FIFA games released till now.

FIFA 2005 The players are entering the stadium

The gameplay is maybe the best thing at this game. The players are moving pretty good with no silly depossesings like in FIFA 08 (when a player after gets deposessed, looks like he steps on something and after that he's making a couple of more steps forward, thing that makes difficult to come back and have the control of the ball again).

The matches are some real shows, the player having the chance to score some piressive goals. The skills of the players don't matter to much, the one who is controlling the players can make the difference and beat a five star team with a half star team.

The difficulty of the game is pretty low, once you've learned the tactics of the game you can win the most of the matches.

The game is pretty attractive, the players making from time to time some cool things with the ball and some great shots, thing that makes the gamer to stay in front of the computer for a long time.

In career the player has access to a lot of interesting and useful options like upgrading staff's skills (from the manager of the forwards, midlefields, breakers and goalkeepers till the medic of the team, fitness, scouter, and the manager of the stadium).

All the members from the staff are important not only the ones who help the players. For example: spending points on the medic will help the players to spend less time being unavailable, spending points on the manager of the stadium will raise the quality of the stadium and in the same time will get you more fans coming at the matches and of course more money and spending points on the scouter will ensure you that you will get the most talented young players.

FIFA 2005 Upgrading

Also this game has the well known options for creating a new player and bonuses for winning a championship, a  cup and much more.


This game has a stable multiplayer. The connection is using the player's IP's. You will not get error messages during gameplay unless the oponent has exited the game before the match end. The multiplayer option guarantees a great time and a great show.


The graphics are really good for a game made in 2004. The faces of many well known players are the same as the ones from the real life. The players are moving pretty real. Like all the other FIFA games the fans are not created that well. They are making the same moves for the whole match and are like some coloured cardboards.

FIFA 2005 Gameplay

A big minus are the nets when the ball enters the gate. This doesn't shake enough when the ball it gets hit by the ball (or it doesn't shake at all). Only at a few goals you can see the net shaking slowly.

The ball's simulation is a pretty good one, the ball getting an impressive path thing that goes to some amazing goals. The pitch is ok ... is not a extraordinary one but it's pretty good.

The shirts looks that are made in Paint but they aren't that important. The ball, the equipments of the players (the boots especially) are done really well, the little details are visible even from a far camera.

Generally the graphics are good, the game being impressive with it's gameplay and graphics and with the options made to help you.
The game is extraordinary if you are looking for a spectacular sports game with an amazing gameplay and amazing graphics without omit tactics then FIFA 2005 is the game you are looking for!
FIFA 2005 is probably the best soccer game from EA Sports the game that combines very well an amazing gameplay with nice graphics.


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