GTA V Missions List

Written by igcompany on Wednesday, 18 September 2013 15:03.

GTA V Missions List

So here it is. The long awaited GTA V has been released and here is the missions list. For those of you who are interested in the number of missions in the game and their names, here is the list you have been looking for:

Grand Theft Auto V Missions List:

There are a total of 69 missions in GTA V (interesting number, huh?):

1. Prologue

2. Franklin and Lamar

3. Repossessed

4. Complications

5. Father/Son

6. Chop

7. Marriage Counseling

8. Daddy’s Little Girl

9. Friend Request

10. Casing the Jewel Store

11. Carbine Rifles

12. The Jewel Store Job

13. Mr. Philips

14. Nervous Ron

15. Trevor Philips Industries

16. Crystal Maze

17. Friends Reunited

18. Fame or Shame

19. Dead Man Walking

20. Did Somebody Say Yoga

21. The Long Stretch

22. Hotel Assassination

23. The Multi Target Assassination

24. Three’s Company

25. Hood Safari

26. By the Book

27. Scouting the Port

28. Minisub

29. The Merryweather Heist

30. Trash Truck

31. Boiler Suits

32. Masks

33. Tow Truck

34. Blitz Play

35. Mr. Richards

36. I Fought the Law

37. Eye in the Sky

38. The Vice Assassination

39. The Bus Assassination

40. Caida Libre

41. Deep Inside

42. Minor Turbulence

43. The Construction Assassination

44. Paleto Score Setup

45. Military Hardware

46. Predator

47. The Paleto Score

48. Derailed

49. Monkey Business

50. Hang Ten

51. Surveying the Score

52. Bury the Hatchet

53. Pack Man

54. Fresh Meat

55. The Ballad of Rocco

56. Cleaning Out the Bureau

57. Reuniting the Family

58. Architect’s Plans

59. Legal Trouble

60. The Bureau Raid

61. The Wrap Up

62. Lamar Down

63. Meltdown

64. Driller

65. Sidetracked

66. The Big Score

67. The Third Way

FIFA 14 - First Official Screenshots

Written by igcompany on Thursday, 18 April 2013 18:25.


It seems like EA is hurrying up a little bit with the promotion for FIFA 14. They started around three days ago and since then they've been bringing updates everyday. Like I said in this article as well, I think they want to bring their fans (or more players) back to the game since they kinda failed with FIFA 13. Very bad servers and a game full of glitches.

But as you will see in the next screenshots and as people are already talking on different social networks, FIFA 14 seems to look the same and I stopped falling for the "New thing added in FIFA" stuff. They said they added some shooting system but if they tested it as "much" as they did with the Player Impact Engine well my friends, we are going to have another buggy year of FIFA.

The graphics look just the same and I do not think there will be any significant updates, except updated squads (which you get anyway when you are playing online) and different music and menu (and a changed number, of course).

What I think we will have is, a FIFA 13 v2.0. And by that (and I hope) we will have working servers (!), and a bug free game! That's what actually kept FIFA 13 from being a great game. I wouldn't mind if they are going to fix these issues and let the rest of the game pretty much alone.

So, prepare yourself for some EA show off and for their "improved" stuff in FIFA 14. Anyway, you decide if FIFA 14 will be cool (judging by the photos) or not.

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FIFA 14 Cover (Not Final Artwork)

Written by igcompany on Thursday, 18 April 2013 17:36.

It was June last year when EA decided to unveal the final cover for FIFA 13. But now they seem to hurry a little bit (probably they know what they failed by putting a buggy game like FIFA 13 on the market) and they want to get as many people as they can to buy their game.

Now, in April EA revealed it's not final artwork for FIFA 14.

Here it is:

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EA is starting it's campaign to promote FIFA 14

Written by igcompany on Tuesday, 16 April 2013 16:53.

Electronic Arts is already starting it's campaign to promote FIFA 14. As you probably know, I wasn't too impressed by FIFA 13. Actually I think it was a pretty bad game with a lot of bugs which shouldn't have been released since it looks like an alpha.

But that's a different topic. Let's get back to FIFA 14. EA posted on it's official Facebook page the following cover which contains the message: "14 is coming".

FIFA 14 will be the 21st installment of this popular game.

The picture of course, has Lionel Messi in it since EA and Messi have a contract. Lionel Messi actually said that he plays FIFA online in his freetime and of course, the people playing against him don't even know they play the FC Barcelona superstar.

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