[PS3] FIFA 10 Gameplay Innovations and Screenshots

Written by igcompany on Saturday, 19 September 2009 14:07.

All the FIFA fans are waiting for the following game of the series. The producers announced some new gameplay innovations that will be available in FIFA 10:

  1. 360? dribbling
  2. 360? defensive movement
  3. AI Team Styles
  4. Custom Team Styles
  5. Scout Report

1. 360? dribbling

The players are now moving more freely! In the past games you were not able to make your player to move in circle. Now with this innovation you can move your player however you want and you can make more realistic dribblings!

2. 360? defensive movement

When you are defending you can make more precise sliding tackles wich will allow you to defend better. The defenders will also be able to chase their opponents and to close them down.

3. AI Team Styles

The computer will play more like a pro! The computer will have some new playing styles:

Attacking team styles

  • Wingplay
  • Target Man
  • Counter Attack
  • Attacking Full backs
  • Total Football
  • The Hole
  • Box Overload
  • Side Overload
  • 3rd Man Release

Defensive Team Styles

  • Offside Trap
  • Pressing
  • Zonal Marking
  • Flat Back
  • Clearance (Long ball)
  • Man Marking  (as per FIFA 09)

4. Custom Team Styles

The user will have available the option to combine the attacking and defensive team styles.

5. Scout Report

You will have the chance to see full details of the scout report. The scout report will provide information on the Team style, formation and key players.

FIFA 10 on PS3

FIFA 10 on PS3


Activision claims: Guitar Hero 5 is outselling The Beatles: Rock Band

Written by Saky G on Friday, 18 September 2009 18:34.

Earlier this week Viacom president Philippe Dauman announced The Beatles: Rock Band has been seeing better than expected sales. However, according to Former Yahoo COO Dan Rosensweig who took over the GH franchise last March, Guitar Hero 5's retail performance hasn't been affected one bit by The Beatles: Rock Band, and that The Beatles Rock Band is being outsold by Guitar Hero 5. Apparently the controversy surrounding Guitar Hero 5 for it's use of late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain has not affected the game in terms of retail.

Both GH 5 and The Beatles: Rock Band have received praise from critics and fans alike, but the latter has been seeing better sales figures, possibly because of it's wider appeal. Rosenswieg claims that Guitar Hero 5 has been outselling The Beatles: Rock Band 4-to-1 in the US alone. He also told the British buisiness daily that in other retailers the ratio was 9-to-1 in favor of Guitar Hero 5 which will allow gamers to get Guitar Hero: Van Halen for free this December, looks like GH fans will have a happy holiday. It looks like plastic instruments are here to stay.

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