Call of Duty: Black OPS (CoD7)

Written by ShootBlood on 25 April 2010.

Call of Duty 7 - long rumoured to be set in Vietnam - will feature the custom killstreaks that were introduced in Modern Warfare 2.

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That's according to the eagle-eyed super-fans at CoD Vietnam News, who've dug through Treyarch's recent forum comments with a fine comb to compile a list of things we know about the next Call of Duty (which admittedly isn't much).

Apparently, the developer's 'Treyarch dev Vahn' (real name David Vonderhaar - Multiplayer Design Director for the upcoming CoD game) has strongly suggested the firm will ditch a lot of the imbalances of MW2 multiplayer, including the Commando perk and the controversial nuke killstreak.

Previous rumors suggested the game will be called 'Black Ops' and feature SAS missions in Iran, according to an 'Activision insider'.


Here's what they came up with: 

  • While they've tried having custom killstreaks for each class, that seemed to complicate the 'purity and speed' of Create a Class. 
  • Consequently, it's fair to assume that customizable killstreaks are all but confirmed. 
  • At this stage in development, killstreaks stack and carry over if you die, but do not contribute to further killstreaks (hence eliminating the 'camping for killstreaks' problem of Modern Warfare 2). 
  • Treyarch are not fans of Commando, the extended melee range perk in Modern Warfare 2, and it is unlikely to return. 
  • They've tried a 'manned' version of the Sentry Gun killstreak, but weren't fans. 
  • We may well see a return to pistols as the only available sidearm, or perhaps a choice between pistols and launchers. Vahn and many of the team are not fans of shotguns and machine pistols as secondary weapons - it gives a player 'too much firepower'. 
  • The knife may well become a secondary weapon - although Vahn didn't want to say too much. 
  • Finally, don't expect the nuke to return as a killstreak. Vahn says they are not fans of a game-ending killstreak.

I personally hoped they would make a World at War II !

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