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First i all want you guys to welcome to my blog, in the time i will post here new articles about what i did or what i like or what i want to share, so stay tuned.

Today i achieved my highest wave on shi no numa on the mappack i recently bought for xbox 360. (Cod:waw), nobody of my friends could believe me, but i just used a tactic from youtube. You know why they didnt believe me? Because i achieved round 255!
Maybe you guys shouldnt think i used kind of glitch or hack. But im not one of those, so im all gonna explain it to you.

First at the start of the match, you just shoot the zombies 5 times and then knife them so you can earn lots of money. You can also buy an arisaka to make some headshots. After round 3 you should open the gate, not the debris! Get down and try to get some nice weapons from the random box. I tell you, you also need luck. I was so lucky today that i in the start did get a wunderwaffe. And the third time it gave me an mg42. Just go sit down under the stairs, they can only come from one way so they cant hit you in your back. Use youre mg42 to get the most money, if you got enough money open the fishing hut and the storage and if needable the docters quarter also. Its all because of luck because you need to keep the comm room closed. If you got the juggernog and speedcola get back under the stairs and get some more money and try to gamble for a ray gun. Then just try to survive till round 15/20. From then open the comm room aswell and if the round starts wait in the comm room till the zombies getting close and run trough the building. Now get to the fishing hut, and turn around and shoot them with your wunderwaffe-dg2. You will electroshock lots of zombies, now run again trough the building and do the same. Doesnt matter really which room you do. But i shouldnt prefer the docters quarters because there is alot of water there that slow you down. From round 25/30 the rounds are getting equal. The rounds arent getting really harder anymore and so on till 255 or even higher. But dont try to use ur raygun anymore because it wont work. It may be also usefull if you almost run out of ammo for ur wunderwaffe to turn the power switch on so you can safe ammo. This is how i did it, and now its your turn.

Shi No Numa


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You maybe know the game, The club from sega.
They game is pretty nice itself but its not like call of duty or any other great FPS games.
It did not had that much attention and online its pretty dead, i got all the achievements except 1, to get 10.001 kills in ranked multiplayer matches. But you cant get that achievement because no one is playing it. I now have 960G, the last 40G is un achievable, they should patch it that you need to get 10.001 kills in the singeplayer. But badly enough they dont.

The club


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My xbox live has expired, and i soon go on holiday to Rhodos, so i wont buy a new subscription untill im back, but what to do next!?

I didnt really want to play singeplayer games, so i started to play some original xbox games again. I always liked the console and it games. So i started playing Ghost recon, crazy taxi 3, house of the dead 2 & 3. On ghost recon completed a few tasks, and i like it. Also on crazy taxi 3, im playing the crazy x mini games. Im pretty far already but i cant get past 2-J. At house of the dead 2 im trying to complete the training mode on 5 red stars, already got them all except training_8. Its extreme hard to shoot the zombies from the car thats driving like there is a drunk peson in it. In the meanwhile i can enjoy all the games i play on it, gonna play them all 48 again.

Xbox original

Rally Sport Challenge 2

on Friday, 27 July 2012. Posted in General

2 Races of  3 laps on my favorite map Pretzel.
Still enjoying this pretty old game.

Here a video of me playing trough an tunneling program against someone from australia.

3 Races aswell.

Rally Sport Challenge 2, what an amazing game by XSNsports.