Wonderland (1990) Cheats(PC)

Written by igcompany.

Skip Level Hold Alt & F9

Wolfenstein 3D Cheats(PC)

Written by igcompany.

Add VBLs [Tab] + V
Change Border Color [Tab] + B
Display Coordinates [Tab] + F
Display number of items, doors, etc [Tab] + C
Extra Stuff [Tab] + W
Free Items [Tab] + I
God Mode [Tab] + G
Lose Health [Tab] + H
Memory Usage [Tab] + M
Pause without messages [Tab] + P
Quit [Tab] + Q
Skip two levels [Tab] + E
Slow Motion [Tab] + S
View graphics and sound [Tab] + T

Wolfenstein Cheats(PC)

Written by igcompany.

All Intel giveallintel
Give All Veil Powers givepowers
Gives All Power Upgrades giveallpowerupgrades
Gives desired amount of money givegold
God Mode god
Ignored by enemies notarget
Sets total Money to $31,337 momoney
Unlocks Achievements giveachievements
Unlocks Objectives giveobjectives
Spawns a blonde Elite Guard armed with a dagger. spawn enemies_elite_guard
Spawns a brunette Elite Guard armed with a whip. spawn enemies_elite_guard_02
Spawns a Flamethrower Trooper. spawn enemies_ak_flame_trooper
Spawns a friendly Kreisau soldier armed with an MP40 smg. Valid characters are 01 to 05. spawn allies_kreisau_soldier_01
Spawns a green Despoiled (flaming skeleton). spawn enemies_despoiled_green
Spawns a Heavy Trooper. spawn enemies_ak_heavy_trooper
Spawns a red Despoiled (flaming skeleton). spawn enemies_despoiled_red
Spawns a Rocket Trooper with a jetpack. spawn enemies_ak_rocket_trooper
Spawns a Scribe (magic user). spawn enemies_scribe
Spawns a Sniffer (mutant). spawn enemies_sniffer
Spawns a Wehrmacht officer armed with an MP40 smg. spawn enemies_wehrmacht_officer
Spawns a Wehrmacht sniper armed with a sniper rifle. spawn enemies_wehrmacht_sniper
Spawns a Wehrmacht soldier armed with a Kar98 rifle (may cause map to crash if this enemy type is not already present in the level). spawn enemies_wehrmacht_infantry
Spawns a Wehrmacht soldier armed with an MP40 smg. spawn enemies_wehrmacht_infantry_mp40
Spawns an Altered (giant, invincible mutant) spawn enemies_altered
Spawns an Assassin. spawn enemies_ak_assassin
Spawns an SS officer armed with an MP43 assault rifle. spawn enemies_SS_officer
Spawns an SS soldier armed with an MP43 assault rifle. spawn enemies_SS_sentry
Spawns friendly Erik Engle armed with an MP40 smg. Has more health than a basic Kreisau soldier. spawn allies_kreisau_erik

Wizard's Warchest Cheats(PC)

Written by igcompany.

Etherlords Cheats

Gives list of spells and codes for the add command view spells
Your hero's health health
Add given creature to combat add creature (creature code)
Change hero's current attributes, as follows: change what #
give # of all resources save ether give all #
give 15 of all resources save ether give all
hide enemy's hand hide_hand
hide fog of war hide_fog
load mission load
lose combat lose
lose mission lose
master code EtherRevelation
More info about combatant view players
Put chosen spell into your hand add spell (spell code)
remove fog of war open_fog
save mission save
Set enemy hero's health in combat change enemy #
Set hero's health in combat change health #
Set hero's mana in combat change mana #
Set hero's mana links in combat change link #
Swap enemy and yourself swap
view enemy's hand view_hand
win combat win
win mission win
Your hero's current mana mana
Your hero's mana links links

More codes

Enter the master code as described above and then type:

army information view army
view player information player
view resources view resources

Etherlords II Cheats



Press ~ to open the console then enter etherrevelation to enable cheat mode. Then enter any of the following codes:

15 of all resources except ether give all
Add creature add creature [creature code]
Add spell add spell [spell code]
Hide enemy hand hide_hand
Info about combatants view players
Info about your army view army
Info about your hand view hand
List spell and creature codes view spells
Lose mission/battle lose
Player information player
Quick load load
Quick save save
Remove fog of war open_fog
Restore fog of war hide_fog
Set enemy hero's health change enemy health #
Set enemy hero's mana change enemy mana #
Set enemy hero's mana links change enemy links #
Set hero's health change health #
Set hero's mana change mana #
Set hero's mana links change links #
Swap enemy with yourself swap
View resource info view resources
View enemy hand view_hand
View info about creature view creature
Win mission/battle win
Adds the creature to the playing field add creature XXXX
Adds the spell to your hand add spell XXXX

Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul Cheats


Cheat menu

Open the console with the key.

All mission map objects lootall
Get # exp give 0 exp #
Get # money give 0 money #
Opens cheat menu thingamabob
Quit game quit
Show all Codes help
Toggle frame rate display fps


Level names

Use one of the following values with the @leavetozone(0,"",0) codes to advance to the corresponding location.

Abandoned mines gz12k
Abandoned mines bz11k
Catacombs gz20g
Cave gz5g
Cave; meeting place bz18h
City and surrounding areas gz11k
City of Ingos bz8k
City of Suslanger and surrounding area gz18h
Dead city gz9g
Death canyon gz15h
Dragon's lair bz3g
Foothills gz3g
Forbidden catacombs gz14k
Fortress bz13h
Great Mage's Catacomb bz7g
Green clan's residence bz9k
Karansul's domain gz13k
Khadaganian expedition camp bz4g
Last Shelter bz14h
Lizard hermit's home bz5g
Middle mountains gz6g
Necromancers' desert gz17h
New Green clan's residence bz10k
Old Necromancer's tower bz15h
Portal gz19h
Remote mountains gz4g
Ruins gz1g
Sands gz8g
Secret trading place bz16h
Sheivar settlement bz6g
The river and the islands gz7g
The road to the witch gz2g
Tunnel gz10g
Village bz1g
Witch's cave bz2g
Wormheads' cave gz16h

Witchaven II Cheats(PC)

Written by igcompany.


Console Codes

Type the following codes into the console for the desired effect.

Add some armor armor
Become invisible invis
Cast a fireball spell. fireball
Cast a flight spell. flight
Cast a Magic Arrow spell magicarrow
Cast an Open Doors Spell opendoors
Cast fly spell fly
Cast Freeze Spell freeze
Cast Nightvision on self. nightvision
Cast Nuke Spell. nuke
Cast Scare Spell. scare
Commit Suicide killme
Drink a free cure poison potion curepoison
Drink a free health potion. health
Drink a free resist fire potion. resistfire
Drink a free Strength Potion. strength
Drink One of Every Potion potions
Enchant weapons enchant
Get a Ciraen Shield. shield2
Get a Midian Shield. shield
Get a Pentagram. pentagram
Get all keys keys
Get all Weapons Weapons
God Mode Marketing
Instantly gain 10,000 Experience experience
Learn All Spells spells
Level Select Type ''level'' into the console.
Reveal the Entire map. showmap
See a Flashing Skull scareme
See Everything on the map. showobjects
Show position of actors. list
Start the "Hero Timer" herotime
View Credits intracorp
View the "Death Put" Sequence spikeme
Weapons Never Break nobreak

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