Post Mortem - The White Case Game Info(PC)

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A stunning investigation in Paris of 1920’s. After retiring to the quiet streets of Paris to pursue a life of painting, Gus Macpherson could not escape his true art...

The former New York detective finds himself walking the beat once again, when hired by a sensuous woman to investigate the gruesome beheadings of her sister and brother-in-law.

Main features

  • A subjective sight (freedom of vision with 360°) will plunge you in a dark and heavy atmosphere,and will allow you to evolve in splendid Parisian decorations of the beginning of the twentieth century.
  • A rich and nonlinear scenario: a dark investigation, full with pretences which will lead you towards one of the various outcomes of this authentic thriller.
  • A new system of dialogues: the relevance and the way in which you will approach your discussions (chois intonation) will influence the answers obtained.
  • Many enthralling hours of play: a multitude of indices to be unearthed, a score of protagonists to be questioned, enigmas to be solved in accurately reproduced places of Paris.
  • Post Mortem-0
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      • Post Mortem-2

Pompéi - The legend of Vesuvius Game Info(PC)

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Our hero Adrian BLAKE, an explorer and world famous cartographer. On returning from his latest expedition he discovers that his wife, Sophia, has disappeared.

Wrought with grief Adrian immerses himself his manuscripts and reveals an ancient curse from the goddess Ishtar. To save Sophia, Adrian must save the personification of his wife three times in three different areas.

The first of his adventures takes him to Pompei, on August 20th in the year A.D. The city at the foot of Vesuvius has only four days left to live…

Adrian must persuade Sophia to leave with him, far from the impending danger. To find her in a completely unknown city and win her over once again, he must become a true citizen of Pompei.

Though he is not alone. From the shadows Adrian is being spied upon by the wicked slave of Octavius Quartio, the owner of Sophia’s house…

Main features

  • At last a great and beautiful love story in a game… Action, humor, and suspense as well.
  • A thrilling countdown: the scenario is divided into the four days preceding the eruption.
  • An exceptionally long playing time and a game which is completely non lincar. You can move around freely inside the city.
  • The reconstruction was carried out with the participation of the Superintendence of the archeological site the best international experts.
  • A high-performance technology for even more attractive graphics 360° rotations in the 3D image using the CIN View technology.
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Paris 1313 - The mystery of Notre-Dame cathedral Game Info(PC)

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Paris, Year of our Lord 1313. As the celebrations are in full swing in front of Notre-Dame Cathedral, Adam, a young, ingenious goldsmith working on behalf of the king, mysteriously disappears... Who is so keen for him to vanish? What is his secret? What secret invention was he working on? Jacques, his brother, actress Rosemonde, and circus-rider Pierre de Cinnq-Ormes each set off in search of the truth behind his disappearante. Play the role of these 3 characters in turn, but beware, do not neglect one in favour of another! They will need each other's assistance if they are to get to the heart of the mysterious disappearance at Notre-Dame Cathedral. You will nedd to have your wits about you if you are to avoid all the traps, find the clues and act in time.

Main features

  • Measure up to the champions in an archery contest!
  • Will you find allies in king Philip's court?
  • The taverns of Paris : Death-traps or mines of information?
  • Discover the colours of Notre-Dame Cathedral as they will never be seen again.
  • Thanks to the collaboration of the Musée National du Moyen Age, (National Museum of th Muddle Ages)experience a unique adventure in a faithfully reconstituted medieval Paris.
  • Paris 1313-0
    • Paris 1313-1
      • Paris 1313-2

Open Kart Game Info(PC)

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The art of trajectory. Your objective is to become the World Karting Champion, but first you will have to master the controls of a 125 mph missile on wheels. Racing just inches from the ground your nerves will be pushed to the limit of your endurance as you learn not only your best driving line, but also where to break, overtake and how to transfer your body weight for maximum road adhesion.

Main features

  • Become professional driver with this genuine driving simulator !
  • Advance through the world rankings behind the wheel of 100, 200 and 250cc karts.
  • Take part in heart-pounding and hotly contested races on 20 international tracks.
  • Select and prepare your vehicle: chassis, engine, brakes, tyres...
  • Charm and manage your sponsors to finance your purchases of new parts.
  • Economise your resources, in the race and in the pits, to achieve the ultimate goal of your young career - victory in the world 250cc.
  • Open Kart-0
    • Open Kart-1
      • Open Kart-2

Opération Teddy Bear Game Info(PC)

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Opération Teddy Bear : a plot into the France of 44

Normandie, july 5th 1944. A clandestine network hides Nazis plans in the teddy bear of the young Paul... It's to you to discover the mechanisms which will make you progress in the reading of the BD. A permanent access to history of the Second World war starting from the reading of the interactive BD.

Main features

  • Organized by key topics and words, the historical cards make it possible each one to further go in its knowledge of the conflict.
  • Animated charts and historical screens, to facilitate comprehension and to retain the essence of 39-45.
  • Original music and realistic sound effects to make you live the history.
  • 73 screens of BD, so 3 hours of fiction, 300 animations, with a big lot in 3D, 36 animated maps, 200 historical screens & more 300 archives photos. Hours of History discovery.

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