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Written by ShootBlood on 07 September 2013.


The next next-gen console vs PC war is coming closer..

November is nearing, so are the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Will PC struggle with this new competition? Will PC even notice it?

It sure has been some exiting months with E3 and Gamescom on every front page. Sony and Microsoft caused the biggest console wars to date, with PS4 currently leading in sales: 'sold out!'. How will the release of these consoles affect the PC? Will they even form competition to the 'PC master race'?

Let's start with the hardware. The new consoles are not that different when it comes to the hardware, the PS4 for instance has 8 GB GDDR5 memory, an AMD "Jaguar" 8-core processor and a 500 GB HDD (replaceable) while the Xbox One has 8 GB GDDR3 memory, an AMD 8-core processor and a 500 GB HDD (non-replaceable). This might sound like hocus pocus to you, but you can compare it with a current mid- to high-end PC. The PS4 has a (slightly) better processor and memory chip than it's opponent, the Xbox One. The PS4 and Xbox One, a.k.a. the next-gen consoles, are actually not trying to compete with PC at all. But when comparing the next-gen consoles with a mid-end PC, they're probably better than the PC, since they have to deal with a lot less processes and such so they can focus mainly on the game itself, so that it looks at its best and runs at its best. But things get complicater when comparing the next-gen consoles with a high-end PC. Alienware called these new consoles 'basically high-end PCs', but Nvidia says they don't even come close.

Who's right? Alienware? Nvidia? Neither of them?
Well, rest assured, the next-gen consoles ARE in fact comparable with the current high-end PCs. Both in graphics as in performance.

Looking at the software, the games, apps and such, could help you make your decision. All platforms have their own exclusive games, features and experiences. Don't know which console to buy? Or are you a budget gamer? Just check out the games and exclusives both consoles have to offer or look at the price of the console. PlayStation 4 currently costs $399,99 (controller and such included) and Xbox One currently costs $499,99 (Kinect, controller and such included). For instance, REALLY like HALO and don't care to pay $499,99? You probably choose the Xbox One. Or you REALLY like Uncharted and don't want to pay $99,99 more for an Xbox One? You probably choose the PS4. Or even a PC game like The Sims. Perhaps you can assemble a game PC for the same price as a next-gen console.
Overall, most people game on PC, that's why PC is being called 'PC master race' all the time. But statistics show more and more PC gamers hop to console gaming, or just buy a console to game on next to their game PC.

What platform do you prefer? And will you game on 2 or more platforms?

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