A Bug's Life Cheats(PC)

Written by igcompany.

Unlock Unlimited Lives

To gain a bonus life go to Training level and find the letters to spell 'FLIK'. If you repeat doing this you can obtain as many lives as you want before resuming the regular game.

KA52 Team Alligator Cheats(PC)

Written by igcompany.

For more ammo - Press CTRL + END and you should hear "get ammo on the LCD"
You will see a red > arrow - Follow to the base, land at the white heli marker!

Baldurs Gate Cheats(PC)

Written by igcompany.

In candle Keep at the start if you go south from where you start You will meet a gate warden who will offer you a chance to train in a building, you can't normaly get to when you go in that building you will be training with a made up party.
However if you take every thing of your made up party then export character> start the game again but instead of creating new char click on import char and your char will start off with all the stuff you stole from the made up party.

Bad Rats: The Rats Revenge Cheats(PC)

Written by igcompany.

Level Passwords

Type the following password to access the corresponding level in the game.

Unlock Level 6 - slowdown

Unlock Level 7 - rocketrat

Unlock Level 8 - middle

Unlock Level 9 - toto

Unlock Level 10 - verysaw

Unlock Level 11 - ratdog

Unlock Level 12 - headshot

Unlock Level 13 - savethecat

Unlock Level 14 - hotrain

Unlock Level 15 - saladcat

Unlock Level 16 - mussarela

Unlock Level 17 - fuelcat

Unlock Level 18 - atomic

Unlock Level 19 - subcat

Unlock Level 20 - gazes

Unlock Level 21 - aika

Unlock Level 22 - shocking

Unlock Level 23 - unclesam

Unlock Level 24 - brazil

Unlock Level 25 - catbath

Unlock Level 26 - shockat

Unlock Level 27 - churras

Unlock Level 28 - shockolate

Unlock Level 29 - orient

Unlock Level 30 - yellowcow

Unlock Level 31 - vault4

Unlock Level 32 - power10

Unlock Level 33 - cutcat

Unlock Level 34 - gremio

Backyard Football 2008 Cheats(PC)

Written by igcompany.


The following features become available options when you complete the indicated task during a game.

Unlock The Castle:
Win the Backyard Bowl.

Unlock Humongo Dome:
Win the Backyard Bowl

Unlock Vince Young:
Throw 5 Touchdown passes in a game with one player.

Unlock Larry Johnson:
Get 5 Rushing Touchdowns in a game with one player.

Unlock Jason Taylor:
Get 5 sacks in a game with one player.

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