The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Cheats (PC)

Written by igcompany.

To use the following cheats you have to bring up the console. To do that you have to hit the tilde key [~].

Cheat Result
Click any human or creature, type "kill" -             Instant kills
Click a locked door or chest, type "unlock" -             Unlocks target object
Without targeting, type "tgm" -             God Mode
tfh -             Toggle Full Help
player.additem 0000000F 'XXX' -             Adds the desired amount of gold. Replace the 'XXX' with the amount wanted.
player.AddItem 00000000 # -             Gives you # of item 00000000 (use other hex combinations for items)
player.AddSpell 00000000 -             Gives you spell 00000000 (use other hex combinations for spells)
modpcs skill 100 -             Adds 100 points to the skill
modpca luck 100 -             Adds 100 pointsto an attribute (here luck)
player.setlevel 1 -             Changes player level to desired number. Use 1-255
advlevel forces a level up with the levelup screen.
advskill skill # -             Forces a skill level up of # levels, example: advskill blade 4
showclassmenu -             Allows you to change your class
Showbirthsignmenu -             Allows you to change your birthsign
movetoqt -             Teleports you to your quest target (for lazy bums) makes the game ALOT shorter >:)
qqq -             Exit game without using menus
tcai -             Toggle combat ai, "sitting ducks" springs to mind
tfc -             "ufo cam", freeflyng camera
caqs -             Completes all quest stages
ShowSubtitle -             Toggles NPC conversation subtitles
psb -             Add all spells to player
SexChange -             Changes your gender
TCL -             Toggles collision, you go in the direction your facing, up/down/etc )
TDT -             Toggle debug display (FPS etc)
TM -             Toggles hiding of all menus (for taking screenshots)
SSG -             Creates a window with the full game scene graph
TDETECT -             Toggle AI detection
TLL -             Toggle land LOD
TS -             Toggle sky
TLV -             Toggle leaves
TWF -             Toggle wireframe mode
TAI -             Toggle AI
TG -             Toggle Grass
TT -             Toggle trees
player.setAV -             Increase (Or decrease) Ability or Attribute
-             Gives the player the given item and amount of the item.
ShowBirthSignMenu -             Show the sign selection screen
ShowRaceMenu -             Show the name/race/appearance selection screen
ShowClassMenu -             Show the class selection screen
SetPCFame -             Gives you fame
SetPCInfamy -             Gives you infamy
TFOW -             Toggles fog of war that hides the map
FOV # -             Change the angle of your point of view (default is 75)
player.setcrimegold 0 -             Removes Bounty on your head. NOTE: If being chased by city guards, you must leave the city and go back for it to work on them.
PlaceAtMe , ,, -             Spawns a npc or item or creature where you put the cords in this recuires a ref.
coc toddtest -             Teleports player to developer testing grounds.
player.payfine -             Guards stop attacking you and bounty is paid off.
resurrect -             Resurrect targeted monster/human.
player.removeitem -             Removes any item
player.removespell -             Removes specified spell
hairtint (red/green/blue) -             Change player hair colour
help -             List console commands
lock [1-100] -             Lock selected door or container
showfullquestlog [quest id] -             Show all log entries for indicated quest
showquestlog -             Show quest log
showquestlog 0 -             Show current quest log
showquestlog 1 -             Show completed quest log
showquesttargets -             Show current quest targets
tws -             Toggle water
pov [#] -             Set point of view angle (75 by default)
savegame [filename] -             Save game
setcamerafov [degrees] -             Set camera field of view (75 by default)
setscale number -             Makes objects change size. Click on object to enlarge or make smaller then enter cheat. Number ranges from .5 to 2. 1 is normal size.
coc testinghall -             Teleports player to an area with all objects, monsters, and NPCs in-game.
player.setstage -             Advances specific quest to specified stage
player.completequest -             Removes active quest specified (doesn't complete it)
stopcombat -             Immediately stops the combat of the selected friend/foe.
-             Summon a NPC at your current location
twr -             Toggles Water Radius
set timescale to -             Set the speed at which time flows, 30 is default and 1.0 is real-time.
drop amount -             Drops the item
equipitem -             Equips the item
PCB -             Purge cell buffer. This will free up used memory, often times increasing fps after any given amount of time in game. Best used while in interior cells
ModDisposition ObjREF Amount -             Modifies actor's disposition towards ObjREF. Example: ModDisposition 014 -100 makes your target strongly dislike __ you __
GetPos X -             Shows target's X coordinate in the scene. Y and Z are also valid. Use Player.GetPos X or "014".GetPos X to find out where you are on the X-axis!
SetPos X Value -             Set target's X coordinate, i.e., move the target. Use  Player.SetPos Z to train acrobatics. Be careful not to move something beyond your reach..
MoveTo ObjREF -             Move target to ObjREF. You might enlist 'frequently visited' ObjREFs for further fast-travel, or even create your own 'places' by dropping items..
SetAV AValue Amount -             Set some ability or skill (AValue to be Marksman, LightArmor, etc.) Also not-so obvious values are: Aggression, Energy, Confidence, Responsibility..
SetAV Aggression 100 -            Target should attack anybody it doesn't like, without prompt
SetCrimeGold 2000 -            Set a bounty on actor's head. Use upon a character you want punished by guards. Also should be funny using it on town guards themselves.
StopCombat -            Actor stops combat, hides its weapon. Actor will start again, if it finds proper targets.
SetItemValue Amount -           (should be used on items, not actors) Sets item's price
CreateFullActorCopy -           Create a fully identical copy of a target for some purpose. All attributes, spells, and items copy.
Player.CreateFullActorCopy -           Places another "Yourself" near you. You even might test "yourself" in combat, but be careful with all those guilds stuff..
SetActorFullName "John Doe" -           Change actor's name
DeleteFullActorCopy -           Removes selected target if it was a copy created with CreateFullActorCopy (Now, after you had plenty fun with your replica, it's time to release it)
DuplicateAllItems DestinationObjREF -           Copy items from target actor (or chest or other container) into object referenced by DestinationObjREF.
RemoveAllItems -           Remove all items from target. Use Player.RemoveAllItems to strip off any stolen and not stolen goods from yourself.
PRID Player -           Select yourself as a target. In theory, one can also select other named objects, but for now other names are unknown.
Look ObjREF -           Target looks towards referenced object
StopLook -           Target stops looking (this is to cancel any previous Look cheat)
Drop TypeREF Amount -           An item of given type drops out from selected target's inventory. Item is treated owned by target, so you will steal it on picking up
UnEquipItem TypeREF -           Target deactivates an item of given type (may be used to disarm or undress target).
SetBarterGold Amount -           Sets amount of gold a merchant has for trade. (don't forget to first select any merchant as a target :J)
ShowSpellMaking -           Forces up spell creation screen
Killall -           Kills Everything Where You Are (If You Are In A Town   Outside It Kills Everything Outside)
lock [value] -           Lock a door
tmm 1 -           Shows all map markers
setweight XXX -           Sets the item's weight to XXX

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