Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mania Cheats(PC)

Written by igcompany.

$10,000 shift+4 ($) for $10,000

Change Pointer Color

Press CTRL+C during gameplay. Change Pointer Color

Upset the women and children

Name a male guest one of the following for the desired effect.

Make Children Guests Upset Boogyman
Make Female Guests Upset rpro


Password Cheats

To activate the cheats below, rename your guests to one of the following:

All animal buildings unlocked Andrew Binder
All animal care research programs unlocked Adam Levesque
All animal enrichment research programs unlocked Lou Catanzaro
All animal shelters unlocked John Wheeler
All endangered animals research programs unlocked Steve Serafino
All exhibit foliage unlocked Charlie Peterson
All scenarios unlocked Akiyama
All staff education research programs unlocked Hank Howie
Blues guests/buildings Mr. Blue
Brown guests/buildings Mr. Brown
Destroys all buildings Name a male maintenance worker The Rock
Deteriorate fences 100% Russell C
Make guests sick Zeta Psi or Stinky
Orange guests/buildings Mr. Orange
Pink guests/buildings Mr. Pink
Removes all foliage and get a $300 tax rebate Name a male maintenance worker George W
Repairs all broken fences Name a male maintenance worker Bob V
Sets all tour guide salaries to $0 Name a female tour guide Rosalie
White birds will attack Alfred H
White guests/buildings Mr. White
Yellow guests/buildings Mr. Blonde

Password Cheats - Exhibits

Rename your exhibits to unlock the following:

Cretaceous Corral Triceratops
Microsoft Double the exhibit donations
Wonderland Increase number of visitors to park
Xanadu Unicorn

Staff Name Passwords

Rename the specified staff member one of the following.

All broken fences will be fixed. Name a male maintenance worker "Bob V"
All the foliage in the zoo will disappear. Name a male maintenance worker "George W"
All tourguides will work for free. Name a tour guide "Rosalie"
The scientist will run instead of walk. Name a scientist "Dr. School"
There will be a 10% chance an egg will change its contents when the scientist visits. Name a scientist "Dr. Frankenstein"

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