Upcoming games in 2012

Written by igcompany on Monday, 23 January 2012 19:28.

Here is a list of promising games to be released in 2012. Many of them don't need any big presentation!


The game will be released in Q4 2012 and it may be the best game of the year and change the games industry (again). The amazing graphics (as usual for the games in GTA series) and the engine used will almost sure change the game developing industry and the way gamers are playing!

Arma III

When the last one launched (Arma II) the system requirements were high enough just like for another GTA game.

This game will compete for sure with the following Call of Duty game and maybe with another Medal of Honor game (EA may make us a surprise and announce the release of the fps somewhere in november).


With over 100 millions of copies sold the FIFA series is one of the most succesfull in games history! FIFA 12 brought us Player Impact Engine wich let's be honest wasn't quite as expected (EA stated that this new feature doesn't have any bugs but the truth is that you get glitches in almost every match!) so the upcoming game from the FIFA series might bring us a big improvement for Player Impact Engine, a better gameplay, graphics and more realistic supporters! :)

Guild Wars 2

With 7 years now from the release of the first Guild Wars game developers thought that it might be the time for another game. Since the success of the first Guild Wars the fans have been waiting several years for the second one to come out and we will have a beta in march!

Diablo III

We must not forget Diablo III. Even if it recently got cancelled we will still have it by the end of this year (most probably in the second half of the year) and the statement of it's creative director saying that the cancelling is to make the game even better is making Diablo series fans even more happy!

Max Payne 3 Design and Technology Series: Targeting and Weapons

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 22 January 2012 20:42.

You already know that Rockstar is bringing new technologies with every game developed. Now Rockstar released a video unvelieng how Max Payne 2 is created:

Rockstar keeps amazing us and Max Payne 3 should be a good game! It tends to be a fps maybe they are trying to get into Call of Duty's field? :)

Star Wars: The Old Republic Record $200 million development cost

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 22 January 2012 15:17.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Yes, that's right! But those $200 million really worth it! Over 1000 voices had been hired to record for over 4000 characters and over 800 people worked on 4 continents for six years to create this great game!

The game quickly gained fans and since it's shippment in december it got over 2 million orders. That means EA got a pretty nice profit since they stated that they need at least 500.000 subscribers so the game becomes profitable.

Max Payne 3 New Screenshots Gallery

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 22 January 2012 09:09.

We got some new Max Payne 3 Screenshots for you! By viewing these screenshots you can figure out better how the upcoming game from Rockstar will look like!

Here we go:

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Mass Effect 3 PC Version only on Origin

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 22 January 2012 08:57.

EA tries to minimise the effects of piracy and they are using their Origin project for games activation.

So Mass Effect 3 the PC version (the downloadable version as well as the retail version) will have to be activated first through Origin before you can play it.

Mass Effect 3 launching march 9, 2012 will only be available online through Origin and not Steam just like Battlefield 3.

But how are you going to play Mass Effect 3 on a PC with no internet connection? :)

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