Worst Games of 2012 Awards

Written by igcompany on Saturday, 29 December 2012 18:21.

Yes, it's that time of year. We are approaching the end of the year and we are going to give some awards for the worst games of 2012. We are going to do that by naming the worst game in a technical manner (graphics, gameplay ...).

Here we go:

Worst 2012 Game (Graphics)

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3

Many of you may like this game, we like it's story, but the graphics just don't look like 2012. The other things in this game are cool but the graphics ... uhm ... not.


Worst 2012 Game (Gameplay)

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FIFA 13: Top 10 Most Stupid Things

Written by igcompany on Wednesday, 28 November 2012 21:53.

As you probably already know, for me, FIFA 13 has been a big dissapointment. It is probably the buggiest and the worst game i have ever played and i highly regret buying this game. FIFA 13 is a disgrace for the buyers. Anyways because i had enough of stupid FIFA 13 bugs i stopped playing the game. Today i was thinking: "Hey i should play FIFA 13 again ... maybe some updates changed the game." Bad decision. It didn't changed anything.

The same stupid things are there and when i finished my Ultimate Team game the game stopped working which i suppose will count as a forfeit match, but that i shall find out the next month when i will play FIFA 13 again.

So here is the list in no particular order because they all have the same level of stupidity. This is based on my experience on Ultimate Team but can apply to the whole FIFA 13 game.


Top 10 Most Stupid Things in FIFA 13:

1. Players bumping into each other.

2. The player impact engine. Players are falling out of nowhere.

3. The offside system.

4. First touch control. You are never able to make a perfect interception unless you are pressing 'LB' before touching the ball.

5. Sliding tackles. The player is unable to make a good sliding tackle. He always makes an 'fall on the ass' tackle.

6. The servers are very bad. Bad conectivity. You get disconnected and you will get a forfeit match against you. Players bought coins but didn't got them.

7. Players trying to hit the ball when it is not around them. You often get a free kick against you and maybe even a penalty because your player is hitting your opponent's legs instead of hitting the ball.

8. Bad passing system.

9. Players are getting injured just when you are about to go for the goal or make an important save.

10. You always get a goal from 25 meters but you are just not able to score from 6 meters. Oh and there is always one sure way you can score. Shooting from the corner of the 16 meters area will give you an almost certain goal.

I wrote the list in just a few moments without the need of thinking too much. I can think about a dozen more but hey! It's a top 10.

Hitman 6: Damnation

Written by igcompany on Monday, 26 November 2012 21:32.

So we just finished the game (interesting ending by the way, we kinda got where we started) and the ending makes us think about the future Hitman game and his future adventures. This is without a doubt the best Hitman game yet and in my opinion the best game of 2012.

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Hitman Absolution Missions List

Written by igcompany on Saturday, 24 November 2012 14:13.

Hitman Absolution Wallpaper

Just like we used you (Sleeping Dogs Missions List, Medal of Honor Warfighter Missions List) we started playing Hitman Absolution (great game) and we have the missions list for this game.

I'm thinking that Hitman Absolution might be the game of the year. Anyway here is the list:

Hitman Absolution Missions List:

1. A Personal Contract

2. The King of Chinatown

3. Terminus

4. Run For Your Life

5. Hunter and Hunted

6. Rosewood

7. Welcome to Hope

8. Birdie's Gift

9. Shaving Lenny

10. End of the Road

11. Dexter Industries

12. Death Factory

13. Fight Night

14. Attack of the Saints

15. Skurky's Law

16. Operation Sledgehammer

17. One of a Kind

18. Blackwater Park

19. Countdown

20. Absolution

Medal of Honor Warfighter Missions List

Written by igcompany on Friday, 02 November 2012 22:52.

Medal of Honor Warfighter Last Mission

Just like we did for Sleeping Dogs, here is a quick article to let you know how many missions there are in Medal of Honor Warfighter and their names. We just finished the game and a review will follow.

Medal of Honor Warfighter Missions List:

1.Unintended Consequences

2.Through the Eyes of Evil

3.Shore Leave

4.Hot Pursuit

5.Changing Tides

6.Rip Current

7.Hat Trick

8.Finding Faraz

9.Connect the Dots

10.Hello and Dubai

11.Old Friends

12.Bump in the Night

13.Shut it Down

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