Are the PC users missing the Madden NFL franchise?

Written by igcompany on 18 April 2012.

Are the PC users missing the Madden NFL franchise?

There are almost 5 years since the last Madden NFL (Madden NFL 08) has been released on PC. From my perspective i still miss this franchise on PC. I really enjoyed the last one. It was the best from the whole series and we really need this game back on PC.

Unfortunately EA and other big game companies are deciding that the piracy is stealing a lot of money from them and they often end up with poor sales.

The game has grown a lot since then. Many features have been introduced and people are enjoying playing it on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, chatting with their friends and establishing new tactics.

Of course that's possible for EA to do it as well for the PC version of Madden NFL but their are pretty much 'playing' with a big - in the PC gaming industry so they are making more and more games for consoles where they get more profit. Another example of cancelled games on PC are NHL and NBA Live.

The FIFA series still makes the highest sales and PC users can stay chill or at least for a while.

Madden NFL 13

Still no news if the next Madden NFL will be featured on PC but EA feels no stress about this and chooses the player that will featured on the cover of Madden NFL 13:

Madden NFL 13 Cover

They set a record of sales with Madden NFL 12 so at least not for the next year we will not see unfortunately this great game on PC. This is somehow a free promotion for console manufacturers since i know a lot of people willing or who already bought a console just to play a specific game.

When GTA IV everybody was freaked out that it won't come on PC as well so they bought consoles just to play that game. Few months later the game came out on PC but Rockstar kept the secret well.

We will wait and maybe we will get again these sports games on PC again. So less piracy!

Are you missing the Madden NFL franchise on PC?

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I do remember that on GTAIV we will just have to keep out hopes up

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