GTA V: New Details to be Released Soon

Written by igcompany on 15 June 2012.

I don't know about you but now that the summer is here and the number of hot days is getting bigger i almost instantly think about GTA San Andreas.

Maybe because it didn't had a multiplayer option, that's the reason why i explored every corner of the city and every feature of the game. You could almost feel the LA sun or should we say the Los Santos sun?

When Rockstar announced GTA V and we could see in the trailer that it was going to be set again in the same city as San Andreas was, i wasn't pretty excited about this ideea. I'm always looking for new stories in the upcoming games but i have to say that a GTA V set in the same city as San Andreas, a few years after SA and with much better graphics kinda made me lift an eyebrow. It is almost sure that we will have a multiplayer option in GTA 5 and we should have a pretty good one after the first one that got introduced in GTA IV.

GTA V Real Estate

I have also played GTA IV and even if the graphics were at another level the whole game was kind of boring and the city was not as 'gangsta' as Los Santos. Rockstar always made a good job with the GTA series and we should see new updates soon (maybe in a month) as one of the officials from Rockstar said back in february that they will release some screenshots and news in a few months. As it was hinted in a few stores the game should be released in december 2012, but as Rockstar is lazy to release some news we may see a delay for the game that is awaited by so many fans.

I'm looking forward to this game, expecially for the multiplayer option. If the game was already out i'm sure many of you would have enjoyed the virtual sun in Los Santos and not the real life sun. So we may get a portion of that sunny Los Santos this winter.

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Oh yeah and it's sure that we will have a PC version of the game but as Rockstar used us we may see it a couple of weeks after the release for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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