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Written by ShootBlood on 02 August 2013.

The console wars continue! ..or not?

ps4 Vs

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With Sony's E3 press conference, simply beating Microsoft's Xbox One and its policies into the ground, a lot of players chose for Sony's PlayStation® 4.
But that was at the time of the E3. After a lot of complaints and a sinking ship, Microsoft decided to adjust some of their policies and restrictions.

Here's a quick list of some facts:

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One

-Will cost $399 / Will cost $499
-PSN will cost $3-5 each month / XBL will cost $3-5 each month.
-PS4 will have an AMD "Jaguar" 8-core processor / Xbox One will have an AMD 8-core processor.
-PS4 is build to last 10 years / Xbox One is build to last 10 years while it's turned on.
-PS4's friend list capacity is 2,000 friends
/ Xbox One's friend list capacity is 1,000 friends.
-PS4 will support DualShock 4 controllers / Xbox One will support Xbox Kinect 2.0 controllers.
-PS4 will feature 500GB HDD (replaceable) / Xbox One will feature 500GB HDD (non-replaceable).
-PS4 will feature 8GB GDDR5 memory / Xbox One will feature 8GB GDDR3 memory.
-PS4 will be more of a gaming & social console / Xbox One will be more of a multimedia console.
-PS4 will feature a build-in Blu-ray player that can also read DVDs / Xbox One will feature a build in Blu-ray player.
-PS4 will be released October/November 2013 / Xbox One will be released November 2013.
-PS4 will be able to stream PS1, PS2 and PS3 games / Xbox One supports no backwards capability or streaming.
-PS4 is 4K capable / Xbox One is not 4K capable.
-PS4 games will cost $0,99-$60, same as for the PS3 / Xbox One games will cost $0,99-$60, same as for the Xbox360.
-PS4 lets you play while downloading / Not yet confirmed if Xbox One supports this feature.

There's a lot more to compare, but when it comes to the points given above, you can see that the PS4 is the big winner.
But that's no reason not to buy a Xbox One, since both consoles offer great games and have amazing features.
It's probably going to be a 50/50 race again. But again, Sony is playing it hard this time and has a great chance of reclaiming the title of Game King..!

The majority of gamers belong to the PC masterrace! But will this change?
What do you think? Will you buy a console or not? Let us know why (not)!

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