1996 Game Releases by EA Sports

Written by igcompany on 31 December 2013.

We continue the Game Releases by EA Sports series with the games released in 1996.

We're getting closer and closer to the modern era of EA Sports games. In 1996 the games were still simple, with no amazing technologies/engines. Yet, EA managed to improve the graphics of the games each year.

There also has been an improved interest in EA's Golf Game since they released several add-ons as you can see in the following pictures.

Here is what EA Sports released in 1996 in terms of sports games:

1. Madden NFL '97 for PSX (1996)

Madden NFL '97 for PSX (1996)

2. Madden NFL '97 for PC (1996)

Madden NFL '97 for PC (1996)

3. College Football USA '97 (1996)

College Football USA '97 (1996)

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4. FIFA Soccer '97 (1996)

FIFA Soccer '97 (1996)

5. NHL '97 (1996)

NHL '97 (1996)

6. NBA LIVE '97 (1996)

NBA LIVE '97 (1996)

7. Triple Play '97 (1996)

Triple Play '97 (1996)

8. Triple Play Gold Edition (1996)

Triple Play Gold Edition (1996)

9. PGA TOUR '96 (1996)

PGA TOUR '96 (1996)

10. Wentworth Championship Course add-on for PGA TOUR '96 (1996)

Wentworth Championship Course add-on for PGA TOUR '96 (1996)

11. The Links at Spanish Bay course add-on for PGA TOUR '96 (1996)

The Links at Spanish Bay course add-on for PGA TOUR '96 (1996)

12. TPC Sawgrass course add-on for PGA TOUR '96 (1996)

TPC Sawgrass course add-on for PGA TOUR '96 (1996)

13. PGA TOUR '97 for PSX (1996)

PGA TOUR '97 for PSX (1996)

14. Mario Andretti Racing (1996)

Mario Andretti Racing (1996)

Which one did you play in '96?

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