Hitman 5: Release year 2010 or early 2011

Written by igcompany on 09 July 2010.

Hitman V Box

Yeah. The title says it all! All lot of you people i'm sure that you are waiting for this game to come out or at least heard of this awesome game!

I remember playing it the Hitman series. I played all the Hitman games. From codename 47 till Blood Money (the last one i didn't have the chance to finish it). When i had the chance to play it i couldn't let my hands off the keyboard untill i finished it. At Hitman III i somehow lost the full saves and i played it a couple of hours until i finished it again just to have the complete save again. The game may be one of the biggest in the history of gaming. They even launched a movie after this game.

But let's stick to the point. Square Enix buyed Eidos and they will be the next ones who will publish this game. Don't know if it's a step ahead but let's hope they will make a good job.

Hitman Blood Money was released about four years ago and the graphics advanced a lot since then. We can expect for a next Hitman game to be even more exciting and a gameplay as they used us. Hitman V promises to be a great game that won't dissapoint the last Hitman games fans.

There wasn't any news about Hitman V at E3 and there arent' any screenshots or trailers but i'm sure they will follow and be sure you will find about them when they will come up here on igcompany.com. Don't hesitate to create an account to recieve the latest updates about Hitman V and not only.

We can expect Hitman V to be released later this year or earlier 2011 this depends on how the guys from IO Interactive, the ones who are developing it are working.

You can now stay chill Hitman fans.

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