Chicago 1930 - The Prohibition Game Info(PC)

Written by igcompany on Wednesday, 25 January 2012 18:02.


The mafia has the city under control and reigns on many districts. The pitiless Don Carmine Falcone imposes little by little his law and his gang abuses the authorities in place. A special polie unit carried out bye Edward Nash was created to stop Falcone by any means. An open war bursts in the heart of Chicago. Now, choose your camp!

Main features

  • Choose to incarnate gangsters or policemen. Create and manage your team (5 characters) yourself.
  • RPG functionalities : the characters have their own skills which you can improve during the game.
  • Many missions with varied objectives : escort or get rid of a witness, seize a clandestine casino...
  • Use the "Slow Motion" mode to control effectively your team's members during the best moments of the battle.
  • The very realistic artificial intelligence allows the characters to have varied and judicious reactions (the witnesses of murder hide themselves not to be seen then will denounce the assassins...).
  • Superb and very detailed graphics plunge you in the atmosphere of the Thirties, from the station of Chicago to the Italian restaurant of the gangsters while passing by a motel of suburbs…
  • Chicago 1930-0
    • Chicago 1930-1
      • Chicago 1930-2

Celtic Kings - Rage of War Game Info(PC)

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Julius Caesar wants to expand his already massive empire and he has his sights set on the lush countryside of Gaul. Celtic Kings: Rage of war brings you the excitement of the Roman conquests in two modes: strategic and adventure.

In strategic mode, you play as either the Romans or the Gauls in a world where tactical and strategic maneuvers are the key to victory.

In adventure mode you take on the role of Larax and the battle th evil forces who have raided your village and killed your wife.

Two exciting game modes, one action-packed conquest - let the best warrior win!

Main features

  • Multiplayer support for up to eight gamers on a LAN and Internet
  • Two exciting modes of play: strategy and adventure
  • Combat tactics include setting formations and issuing commands
  • Strong Al provides challenging opponents
  • Highly detailed graphics with resolution up to 1280 x 1024
  • Huge game maps with hundreds of units
  • RPG aspects such as experience and food supply
  • Special unit abilities that range from "Defensive Stand" to "Death Blow" make every unit truly unique
  • Powerful full-featured adventure editor
  • Random map generator
  • Easy to play, hard to master world that is easy to jump into.
  • Celtic Kings-0
    • Celtic Kings-1
      • Celtic Kings-2

Aztec - The curse in the heart of the city of gold Game Info(PC)

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At the time of this story in 1517 the Aztec empire dominated Central America with the fabled city of Tenochtitlan as its religious and governing center. We can only marvel at the remnant ruins of it today, imagining the splendor of those days gone by and the wonders lost to the human greed of the conquerors and the ravages of time. Thanks to Cryo you can travel back in time and experience some of those wonders.

You are Little Serpent, a young hunter out to fill the family pot when you stumble on the scene of a murder.

The murderer flees and the dying nobleman reveals his secret to you. He gives you an amulet and begs you to give warning of a terrible plot hatched by the enemies of the emperor. The story is that of a conspiracy. You, an innocent bystander, get embroiled in events that are not the consequences of your action, but bear directly on you and your family. The murderer frames you for the dastardly act and takes your family hostage to avenge it.

Main features

  • Three modes of game play: the adventure game, the exploration mode that allows you to travel around and examine the environment, and the encyclopedia mode where you can search for pertinent information.
  • There is an “Omni Expert” mode that gives you hints for the next necessary move (whether you want it or not).
  • There are two save modes, the automatic (saves at certain times and allows you to continue the game) and the manual (saves at your pleasure and allows you to load any save you choose).
  • Aztec-0
    • Aztec-1
      • Aztec-2

Atlantis III - The new world Game Info(PC)

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Step back into the land of dreams and legends...

Embark on an incredible adventure and become immersed in an extraordinary tale of intrigue and mystery./

Assume the role of an archacologist, as you search for the existence of a metropolis built, according to myth and legend, by the ancient Egyptians. Your quest for the mysterious secrets, that have eluded many, will take you on a journey through worlds of unequalled beauty.

Let wisdom be your guide as you travel through time and spirit, and encounter challenging puzzles along your path. Discover and explore the stunning surroundings of the vast Sahara Desert, the wondrous icy plains of Syberia, and the facinating lands of ancient Egypt.

The greatest treasure of all time lies waiting to be discovered.

Main features

  • An epic adventure set across many worlds
  • Stunningly realistic 3D graphics
  • Original and compelling storyline
  • Atlantis III-0
    • Atlantis III-1
      • Atlantis III-2

Atlantis II - Beyond Atlantis Game Info(PC)

Written by igcompany on Wednesday, 25 January 2012 17:58.


Step into the land of dreams and legends.

Explore worlds of anparalleled beauty as your travels take you to the fascinating lands of Tibet, China, Yacartan, Ireland, Atlantis and the mystical land of Shambhala.

Main features

  • Over 60 characters modeled in 3D
  • Engaging and challenging puzzles throughout
  • Stunning 3D graphics,and animation
  • Multiple paths integrated into the storyline
  • Atlantis II -0
    • Atlantis II -1
      • Atlantis II -2

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