Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Review

Written by Blackjack on 03 October 2009.

In Pacific Assault play with Tommy Conlin, a perfectly normal boy who is trained by the Navy and eventually one of the most specialized teams from the U.S. army will arrive. For the first time in a Medal of Honor game you hear the main character actually talk, what might alter this by identifying with the protagonist, but you are doing more in life in his situation. Of course you stand in Pacific Assault is not just for you and a number of reliable and steadfast comrades around you. The characters in the cutscenes of any depth provided by Tommy in diary form his experience with the player to share. This just gives you more feeling with the people around you.

Pacific Assault starts with the arrival of Tommy on Pearl Harbor. By a happy driver, you are led to your ship, but before the arrival hell breaks loose. The attack on Pearl Harbor is pretty much the Allied Assault Omaha Beach is truly sublime developed. When the Japanese planes in the sky appear, are some terrifying minutes, the driver where you post your still trying to conduct. Meanwhile, the missiles fly to your ears, everywhere you see people die and majestic large ship is shot to pieces. This cinematic experience is further supported by a heroic music in the background, so you really feel your heart gets an interactive film about the attack on Pearl Harbor to imagine.

After this nerve-racking start the game drops something and you get the standard training missions you choose. Fortunately there is a rapidly gone through the exercises and sometimes even find some useful presentations. So you get to know the healing system of Pacific Assault. Unlike Allied Assault Pacific Assault is the cure not medkits and other tangible goodies regularly, but you get the medic to heal your team. You can an x number of times per mission to use the services of the best man at the time of healing are also inactive as fighting is concerned. Even if you 'die' it is possible to be cured, though this must be done within a certain time. Once you 'dead' are, the image is blurred and you hear the sounds around it into a kind of echo. The medic comes at you, give you a prick and slowly distorted the image of itself that you're used to.

Pacific Assault is generally harder and less than Allied Assault on the Rambo-oriented playing style. If you like a Kamikaze pilot run on the pitch goes, you will not stand long and the Japanese opponents are not you willing to provide an early death. To survive and successfully conclude your missions, you must make good use of the environment and a moderate approach often works better than a full blown attack. The Japanese make clever use of the objects present and often hidden to make, so from one covered position to take you under fire.

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