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Written by igcompany on 17 June 2012.

Now before i start this review i must say that Max Payne 3 had one of the most impressive and entertaining stories by far from all the games that i have been playing lately.

Good. Now let's begin. This review may also contain spoilers.

The game begins with a small clip from the last mission. Max Payne is on an airport and is ready to eliminate the last two enemies but then he starts to tell us his story since he left New York. The game has XIV chapters and even if i played it on medium i must say it is the hardest game i have ever played. I had to shot at least three bullets in their heads to eliminate them. Besides that the game becomes similar to Alan Wake after one point since all you do is to shoot, shoot and shoot. You get stuck in one place (room, parking lot) and there you get a series of 10 soldiers to fight with. After you're done with them, there comes another series of 10 soldiers and then another one. Only after that you can proceed to the next room or location. More than that if they get you, you will be respawned several locations behind. So you must play very careful (i can't imagine how hard it is to play it on hard).

In the most part of the game we see Max Payne as a bodyguard for a famous rich family in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There are a couple of missions in New York where Max tells us his story back in America and how he got chased down from USA all the way down to Brazil.

The whole game is full of kindappings, ransoms, police and mafia.

In the first few chapters the big sister from the family is getting kidnapped. Max is trying to chase the kidnappers down until the last few missions. In the meanwhile in the rich brazilian familly there are happening a lot more things. The family that Max is guarding is represented by three brothers and two sisters.

After the big sister is kidnapped the big (and the richest) brother is being attacked in his office by the police who is trying to kill him (yes i will get back to this).

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Max is trying to make the police back off but while he is struggling to do that, his boss gets killed in his office by well ... you will see later.

The story continues with Max Payne popping pain killers and booze and of course trying to keep en eye on his boss (the little brother) while he is having a party with some beautiful brazilian ladies (thanks Rockstar for these awesome graphics).

Max Payne 3 - The little brother having some fun with some brazilian ladies on a boat

Max Payne partying and drinking

and then he drinks another glass of whiskey...

Max Payne drinks again ...

The familly gets attacked again by the mafia and Max has to fight with two things: his hangover and the rebels.

While Max drinks his ussual glass of whiskey he tells us his story back in New York and how he got in Brazil. It seems that the shot the son of the most notorious drug dealer in the New York and New Jersey area and after he escapes from the mafia and the people that are trying to get him after the big ransom has been put on his head he finds out about an 'easy retiring job in Brazil' so he decides to take this opportunity.

Max trying to cover from the snipers in New York

As you can see Max would have had a hard time by staying in New York.

At some point Max decides that he needs to make a change in his life so he lays off the booze and the pain killers, gets a new haircut if we can say it this way and starts his journey through the bad neighborhoods in Sao Paulo to find out more about the ones that kidnapped the one that he was supposed to keep an eye on while he was drinking.

Max Payne gets into the bad neighborhoods of Sao Paulo

The story gets even more complicated after a secret brazilian service detective contacts you to find out more about the corrupt police in town. Max then starts to figure out the whole story and why all those things are happening. He then breaks into an old abandoned hotel where police takes the poor people from the neighborhoods and drawns out their organs in the excange of big check numbers. Behind all of this bad story is the middle brother, a politician that tries to get rid off his family that is not supporting his and his beliefs.

The little brother that uses to party a lot is desperate to get his sister back so he decides to hand a bag of money himself to the rebels. But they get his as well and right when Max comes up they burn him alive and they shoot the girl in the head. Another two victims indirectly made by Max.

After Max finds this out he breaks into the police office where he finds all those dirty checks, the missing surveilance tape from his boss office and also sees the killer. The killer is a boss in the city police. He gets the killer but the politician brother and the big boss of the police manage to excape.

That's where the last mission comes up and we see the clip from the beggining again. Max kills the remaining corrupt police mans and the police boss. The politician is trying to excape with an airplane but that's the moment when Max's new brazilian detective friend shows up with a car and they are chasing the airplane right at the moment when it is trying to take off. Max shoots the plane with a rocket launcher and the politician is coming out. He wants to kill him but the detective says to him that he deserves a trial and then to stay in prison. It's a much better penalty for the things that he did.

In the last clip of the game we can see our character staying on a beach with a glass of 'something' at a bar watching the news. The news are saying about the politician who has been found dead in his cell after only one week since his trial started. Max somehow pleased with what he heared starts walking down the beach in the light of the sunset.

Overall the story of the game looks like the one of a long movie and is pretty messed up. But anyway i liked it except the hard level.

Let's take a look at some specific categories of the game.

Max Payne 3 Graphics

I have decided to talk about the graphics first because Rockstar is always innovative with the graphics in their games. But the graphics wasn't that amazing in Max Payne 3. Anyway they were pretty good and i have to say that in some places (like in the brazilian neighborhoods) i was through a strip club and watched some little kids playing football, Ronaldinho style. Very realistic. And when i say that i mean i have stayed for like 20 seconds watching them and after one final brazilian dribble the mother of the kids called them inside the house. They took off in just under 2 seconds, haha.

Max Payne 3 Gameplay

Now we may have here a little bit more to talk about than the graphics. Of course that i'm going to say about the slow motion feature. You can make a Bruce Willis jump to kill the enemies and this thing works great when you are covered and have a few enemies left and also a few points of health left. You can also make multiple headshots if you're good by using this and the enemies won't even get the chance to spot you.

Max Payne 3 Slow Motion Feature

In this picture i jumped straight ahead because i was also trying to avoid the sniper that was on the right side, at the top of the building.

The slow motion feature is the most useful when you have only a few points of health left but you have the painkillers in your poket and forgot to take them. This feature becomes active imediatelly and if you manage to kill an enemy in this meanwhile then the system will administrate you that painkiller and give you back some health points. If not when ... well you know the story, you will get back several locations back and you will have to fight this back all over again. Another strange thing about this feature is that sometimes you forget to reload and to take the painkillers. It happened to me more than once that the system is activating the slow motion feature for me to automatically give my character the painkiller but while i'm trying to shoot the enemy the gun goes *click*. And i mean click because it needs to be reloaded and not because it shoots. And so you have to fight your way again through the enemies.

Max Payne 3 Slow Motion Painkiller Feature

Max Payne 3 Sound

Overall the sound is pretty impressive and i think Rockstar had an entire opera working at this. It has some of the most impressive songs that are playing right at the good time. It makes the game even more creepy. Anyone else who would listen to a CD of Max Payne 3 songs along with the songs in Mafia II?

Let's give this game some points now.

Max Payne 3 Graphics: 8.5/10
Max Payne 3 Gameplay: 9.5/10
Max Payne 3 Sound: 9.5/10

I highly recommend this game. I assure you that it's like nothing you have ever played before. Even though i have never been to Brazil before after this game i feel like a know those places already (in a good way don't get me wrong).

And now for the end let's see another screenshot from Max hiding from the police in Sao Paulo:

Max Payne hiding from the police in Sao Paulo

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