Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Preview

Written by igcompany on Monday, 28 June 2010 15:10.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Exotic cars on the open road, the rush of the escape, the thrill of the takedown

Game Info

This November, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit will transform online entertainment by bringing to life the adrenaline and intensity of high speed cop pursuits and changing the way that people connect and compete with their friends.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is being developed by Criterion Games, the developers behind the critically-acclaimed Burnout racing series. These renowned innovators are redefining action racing by delivering an experience that connects players through intense competition whether playing online together or taking on friends’ challenges.
At the heart of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is a suite of connected features called Need for Speed Autolog that enables players to connect, compare and compete with their friends effortlessly.
Exotic cars on the open road, the rush of the escape, the thrill of the takedown – this is Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

PC users will remain without the FIFA series?

Written by igcompany on Monday, 28 June 2010 10:56.

Because lately EA didn't care about the PC users and they worked a lot at the console's versions of the FIFA game, FIFA PC fans are starting to wonder if they will be able to play the following FIFA titles on their computers.

In the last time EA Sports produced FIFA by: next gen and current gen(current gen means the PC version, is not hard to understand why). FIFA on consoles became a true legend and on PC well.... don't know what to say. If you played the PC version of FIFA (the latest) you know what i'm thinking about right now. The consoles version got a lot of new features like Ping Pong passing, 360 dribbling(see for the complete list of the consoles features). At least FIFA Online Beta tryed to use the 360 dribbling but it only cames up when you play it with the mouse wich is pretty hard for the ones who are used to play from the keyboard.

A few weeks ago EA officials posted on their forums the announcement for the next gen versions of the game. They even created new sections in the forum for this. But about the PC version they didn't say nothing. They only wrote on the Next Gen announcement that FIFA 11 will be released on PC too but that's it. No more details about the PC version.

On forum people become iritated that they don't get more details about the PC version and they became almost sure that it will be (again) a copy of the last game. Maybe the most important improvment in FIFA 10 PC is the online mod wich is pretty nice but that's it!

Well PC users don't be alarmed for FIFA 11. It has been announced so maybe you will play it. But what about the next ones?

Of course FIFA series on PC brought to EA a lot of money but they also quit the ideea to make Madden NFL, NBA and NHL on PC. They all stopped at 08 only NHL had a version more :).

So leave a comment with your opinion...  what do you think will EA do with the following PC titles(not only FIFA).

Mafia 2 Screenshots(PC)

Written by igcompany on Friday, 25 June 2010 11:38.

We are presenting you some exclusive screenshots from E3 of the upcoming Mafia game. The second Mafia game will have a lot of new cool things and it's graphics are expected to be one of the best from the games that had been released this year:

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Mafia 2 is expected to be released August 24.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 VIETNAM

Written by ShootBlood on Saturday, 19 June 2010 19:10.

The video below, shows you the upcoming, huge update, for Battlefield Bad Company 2.

The update is called: Battlefield Bad Company 2 VIETNAM, and will be released this winter. (2010)

Coming to the PS3, Xbox360 and PC.




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FIFA Online Closed Beta Exclusive

Written by igcompany on Friday, 18 June 2010 21:51.

Ever wondered how this game looks like? Well we've managed to get a beta code and we will post for you the readers some exclusive images and video gameplays with the latest closed beta of FIFA Online. This game will be free to play but for now only a few players are selected to enter the closed beta. You can also check our youtube channel where will be posted videos with the FIFA Online Closed Beta. But of course here will be posted the same videos and other exclusive parts.

So keep close for the real thing. If you want to see what EA is going to release visit from time to time to see the latest updates about FIFA Online.

Fifa Online Closed Beta

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