Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats (PC)

Written by igcompany.

Type the following cheats during gameplay.

Cheat Result
YLTEICZ -            Aggressive Drivers
LLQPFBN -            Pink traffic
IOWDLAC -            Black traffic
AFSNMSMW -            Boats fly
BTCDBCB -            Fat
JYSDSOD -            Max Muscle
KVGYZQK -            Skinny
ASBHGRB -            Elvis is Everywhere
BGLUAWML -            Peds Attack You With Weapons, Rocket Launcher
AEZAKMI -            Never Wanted
CIKGCGX -            Beach Party
MROEMZH -            Gang Members Everywhere
MROEMZH -            Gangs Control the Streets
AFPHULTL -            Ninja Theme
BEKKNQV -            Slut Magnet
BGKGTJH -            Traffic is Cheap Cars
GUSNHDE -            Traffic is Fast Cars
RIPAZHA -            Cars Fly
JHJOECW -            Huge Bunny Hop
JUMPJET -            Spawn Hydra
KGGGDKP -            Spawn Vortex Hovercraft
JCNRUAD -            Smash n' Boom
COXEFGU -            All Cars Have Nitro
BSXSGGC -            Cars Float Away When Hit
XJVSNAJ -            Always Midnight
OFVIAC -            Orange Sky 21:00
MGHXYRM -            Thunderstorm
CWJXUOC -            Sandstorm
LFGMHAL -            Mega Jump
BAGUVIX -            Large Health Boost
CVWKXAM -            Infinite Oxygen
AIYPWZQP -            Have Parachute
YECGAA -            Have Jetpack
LJSPQK -            Six Star Wanted Level
CFVFGMJ -            Foggy Weather
YSOHNUL -            Faster Clock
PPGWJHT -            Faster Gameplay
LIYOAAY -            Slower Gameplay
AJLOJYQY -            Peds Attack Each Other, Get Golf Club
BAGOWPG -            Have a bounty on your head
FOOOXFT -            Everyone is armed
AIWPRTON -            Spawn Rhino
CQZIJMB -            Spawn Bloodring Banger
JQNTDMH -            Spawn Rancher
PDNEJOH -            Spawn Racecar
VPJTQWV -            Spawn Racecar
AQTBCODX -            Spawn Romero
KRIJEBR -            Spawn Stretch
UBHYZHQ -            Spawn Trashmaster
RZHSUEW -            Spawn Caddy
CPKTNWT -            Blow Up All Cars
XICWMD -            Invisible car
PGGOMOY -            Perfect Handling
SZCMAWO -            Suicide
ZEIIVG -            All green lights
LXGIWYL -            Weapon Set 1, Thug's Tools
KJKSZPJ -            Weapon Set 2, Professional Tools
UZUMYMW -            Weapon Set 3, Nutter Tools
HESOYAM -            Health, Armor, $250k
OSRBLHH -            Increase Wanted Level Two Stars
ASNAEB -            Clear Wanted Level
AFZLLQLL -            Sunny Weather
ICIKPYH -            Very Sunny Weather
ALNSFMZO -            Overcast Weather
AUIFRVQS -            Rainy Weather
IAVENJQ -            Mega Punch
AEDUWNV -            Never Get Hungry
IOJUFZN -            Riot Mode
PRIEBJ -            Funhouse Theme
MUNASEF -            Adrenaline Mode
WANRLTW -            Infinite Ammo, No Reload
OUIQDMW -            Full Weapon Aiming While Driving
THGLOJ -            Reduced Traffic
FVTMNBZ -            Traffic is Country Vehicles
SJMAHPE -            Recruit Anyone (9mm)
BMTPWHR -            Country Vehicles and Peds, Get Born 2 Truck Outfit
ZSOXFSQ -            Recruit Anyone (Rockets)
OGXSDAG -            Max Respect
EHIBXQS -            Max Sex Appeal
VKYPQCF -            Taxis Have Nitrous, L3 Bunny Hop
NCSGDAG -            Hitman In All Weapon Stats
OHDUDE -            Spawn Hunter
AKJJYGLC -            Spawn Quad
AMOMHRER -            Spawn Tanker Truck
EEGCYXT -            Spawn Dozer
URKQSRK -            Spawn Stunt Plane
AGBDLCID -            Spawn Monster
IFIRSTDOZ -            Never Wanted
CAINEMVHZC -            Infinite Health, except for explosions and falls
allcarsgoboom -            All Cars Explode

Need for Speed Underground Cheats (PC)

Written by igcompany.

To enter the following cheats start game, go to the main menu, go to the Statistics sub-menu, go back again (pressing DELETE).

Cheat Result
gimmesomecircuits -         Unlock Circuits
gimmesomesprints -         Unlock Sprint Circuits
gimmesomedrag -         Unlock Drag Circuits
gimmeppablo -         Unlock Petey Pablo
gotcharobzombie -         Unlock Rob Zombie
havyamystikal -         Unlock Mystikal
needmylostprophets -         Unlock Lost Prophets
119focus -         Unlock Focus
893neon -         Unlock Neon
899eclipse -         Unlock Eclipse
371impreza -         Unlock Impreza
222lancer -         Unlock Lancer
922sentra -         Unlock Sentra
667tiburon -         Unlock Tiburon
334mygolf -         Unlock Mygolf
77peugeot -         Unlock Peugeot
777rx7 -         Unlock RX7
350350z -         Unlock 350Z
111skyline -         Unlock Skyline
221miata -         Unlock Miata
973rsx777 -         Unlock RSX
239celica -         Unlock Celica
342integra -         Unlock Integra
240240sx -         Unlock 240SX
228supra -         Unlock Supra
889civic -         Unlock Civic
2000s2000 -         Unlock S2000
allmylvloneparts -         Unlock All Level 1 Parts
allmylvl2parts -         Unlock All Level 2 Parts
2000s2000 -         Unlock Updated Honda 2000
899civic -         Unlock Updated Honda Civic
228supra -         Unlock Updated Toyota Supra
342integra -         Unlock Updated Honda Integra
239celica -         Unlock Updated Toyota Celica
973rsx777 -         Unlock Updated Mazda RX7
allmylvloneparts -         Unlock Level One Upgrades
allmylvl2parts -         Unlock Level Two Upgrades
Slidingwithstyle -         Unlock Drift Physics in all the game modes
driftdriftbaby -         Unlock all Drift Circuits
seemylvl1parts -         Unlock all Level 1 Visual Parts
seemylvl2parts -         Unlock all Level 2 Visual Parts
givemenismo -         Unlock Nissan Sentra Nismo

Need for Speed Underground 2 Cheats (PC)

Written by igcompany.

Enter the following codes at the Press Enter screen before loading a profile:

Cheat Result
gimmevisual1 -                     Unlocks Visual Upgrades Tier 1
gimmevisual2 -                     Unlcoks Visual Upgrades Tier 2
needperformance1 -                     Unlocks Performance Upgrades Tier 1
needperformance2 -                     Unlcoks Performance Upgrades Tier 2
goforoldspice -                     Unlocks Old Spice Sponsor Vinyl *works in career*
needmybestbuy -                     Unlocks Best Buy Sponsor Vinyl *works in career*
gotmycingular -                     Unlocks Cingular Sponsor Vinyl * works in career*
gottahavebk -                     Unlocks Burger King Sponsor Vinyl *works in career*
gottaedge -                     Unlocks Edge Sponsor Vinyl *works in career*
ordermebaby -                     Gives $1,000 to start Career mode, and Unlocks Nissan Skyline and Mazda RX-8 in Quick Race
opendoors -                     The Doors sponsor car
yodogg -                     Snoop Dogg sponsor car
wannacapone -                     Capone sponsor car
shinestreetbright -                     ShinestStreet sponsor car
wantmyd3 -                     D3 sponsor car
davidchoeart -                     David Choe sponsor car
tunejapantuning -                     Japantuning sponsor car
gimmechingy -                     Chingy Navigator sponsor car
gottaedge -                     Edge vinyl in Career mode
regmybank -                     Extra 200 in the bank in Career Mode

The Sims 2 Cheats (PC)

Written by igcompany.

Cheat Result
exit                                                       -
closes cheat window
expand                                                  -
expands or contracts cheat window
kaching                                                  -
get 1000 cash
help -all                                                 -
list cheats
autopatch (on/off)                                   -
lets you know if theres a patch
moveobjects (on/off)                               -
moves objects and deletes you couldnt before
vsync (on/off)                                         -
increases game performance but lowers graphics
StretchSkeleton                                       -
makes your sims larger or smaller
aging off                                                -
turn off aging
aging on                                                -
turn on aging
motherlode                                            -
50,000 simoleans
faceBlendLimits (on/off)                          -
turns off facial bounding limitations. It prevents the normal corrections the game will make for two parents with very different facial structures.
boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/false      -
You can place objects outside the grid.
intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims 8              -
You can invite more people to your parties.
boolprop constrainFloorElevation false       -
Allows you to change elevation of floor tiles.
boolprop constrainFloorElevation true        -
Disables the ability to change elevation of floor tiles.
clear                                                     -
Clears all cheat codes on the screen, but codes are still in effect.
slowmotion                                            -
Puts the game in slow motion. Enter any number that 0 through 8 (0=fastest and 8=slowest)
boolprop lotTerrainLighting (True/False)    -
Set to false and lots will not light up when highlighted in neighborhood
boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoadsWithModel (True/False) -                          Set to false to remove bridges from neighborhood.
boolprop displayLotImposters (True/False)- Set to false to removes house graphics from neighborhood
boolprop displayNeighborhoodWater         -        (True/False) Set to false to remove water from neighborhood
boolprop displayNeighborhoodFlora          -      (True/False) Set to false to removes trees/plants from neighborhood
boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoads        - (True/False) Set to false to remove roads from neighborhood
boolprop displayNeighborhoodProps         -      (True/False) Set to false to remove props like rocks and towers from neighborhood
boolprop lotWater (True/False)                -
Set to false to remove removes water (ponds) from lots
boolprop lotTerrainPaints (True/False)      - Set to false to remove floorpainting on lot
boolprop carsCompact (True/False)          -
Set to true and cars will have more detail in neighborhood
boolprop lotInfoAdvancedMode (True/False)- Set to true to show lot information
boolprop objectShadows (True/False)       -
Set to false to remove removes shadows on objects outside house
boolProp guob (True/False)                    -
Set to false to remove shadows on objects inside house
boolprop renderSelectedSimLevel (True/False)- Set to true and walls will no longer cut away from selected Sim
boolProp displayPaths (True/False)         -
Set to true to see the path where the selected Sim walks to
boolprop displayLookAtBoxes (True/False)- Set to true and blocks appear on Sims faces and on parts where Sims look at
boolProp simShadows (True/False)          -
Toggle shadows on/off for Sims
boolprop ShowLotPackageFilename         -      (True/False) In neighborhood, shows filename of house when lot is highlighted
boolprop locktiles (True/False)               -
Set to false to place floor tiles outside lot
boolprop allObjectLightsOn (True/False)  -
Set to true to light up objects continuously instead of only when used
RoofSlopeAngle (15-75)                        -
Changes the slope angle of a roof
boolProp testingcheatsenabled true/false- if set to true ALL other cheats work.
familyfunds (Family's last name) XXXX    -
Alots any amount of money you desire to any sim family (remove parenthesis in the family's last name and replace the XXXX's with any amount you want)
unlockcareerrewards                              -
Unlocks career rewards.
gameVersion                                        -
Version in the cheat box.
help [cheat command]                          -
Displays information about indicated cheat.


Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats

Written by Saky G.

Cellphone Cheats

Any time during the game, take Nico's phone and dial these numbers. NOTE that they will affect missions and achievements.

Health And Weapons Call: GTA-555-0100

Weapons Call: GUN-555-0150

Advanced Weapons: Call GUN-555-0100

Health Call: DOC-555-0100

Wanted Level Down Call: COP-555-0100

Wanted Level Up Call: COP-555-0150

Climate Change Call: HOT-555-0100

Spawn Cognoscenti (Mafia Car) Call: CAR-555-0142

Spawn Sanchez (Dirt Bike) Call: MBK-555-0150

Spawn FBI Buffalo Call: CAR-555-0100

Spawn Turismo Call: CAR-555-0147

Spawn NRG900 Call: MBK-555-0100

Spawn Comet Call: CAR-555-0175

Spawn SuperGT Call: CAR-555-0168

Spawn Police Chopper Call: FLY-555-0100

Spawn Jetmax (Boat) Call: WET-555-0100

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